#Woke MLB Moves All-Star Game from Black Atlanta to White Denver (Where ID Is Also Required to Vote) - Granite Grok

#Woke MLB Moves All-Star Game from Black Atlanta to White Denver (Where ID Is Also Required to Vote)

MLB no more Atlanta All Star Game

Major League Baseball is dropping Atlanta, Georgia, as the host for this year’s all-star game in the name of diversity and equality or something. Why? A new law requiring ID to vote. They’ve moved it to Denver, a significantly less diverse city that already requires ID to vote, even by mail.

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The boycott was a result of the Leftist narrative that Georgia’s new voter ID law is racist. However, Colorado already has voter ID laws and is less diverse than Georgia. The Colorado Secretary of State’s website states “All voters who vote at the polls must provide identification. If you are voting by mail for the first time, you may also need to provide a photocopy of your identification when you return your mail ballot.”


But wait, there’s More! “[T]he MLB has decided to take their business to Denver, Colorado, which is 10% black, from Atlanta, Georgia, which is 52% black, in an effort to fight the “racist” voter ID laws that exist in both states.”

I have to say this because if I don’t, people will ask me why. Requiring ID is not racist. It’s actually required for people of any color to access government services. If you want welfare, social security payments, or food stamps, you need a state-issued photo ID.

In other words, the people who advocates claim are most harmed by expecting them to present an ID to prove their identity to vote can’t access any of the services that those votes might make available without one.

The MLB (or is it BLM?) moved a high-profile job-creating, economy-boosting event that can inject millions into a struggling local economy away from a majority black population and handed it to a majority white population.

In response to racism.

Protests anyone? Anyone? Democrats, race-baiters, CRT advocates, equity and diversity pimps …nothing?