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Fundraising Update on “Vaccinated Against Public Health Tyranny” Buttons

I've been vaccinated against public health tyranny

Our latest fundraiser is off to a great start, and thanks to everyone who has donated – it helps us work out the overhead costs, so we actually end up with a donation afterward. That’s the point. Give you something unique and make a few bucks to keep the place running.

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We’ve been able to narrow down our total overhead, which means we can try to sweeten the deal a bit, so to speak.

First, a few folks have mentioned that they’ll buy the button(s) at the next GrokMeet on April 18th (see the calendar event).

That will work, and I’ll make sure I’ve ordered more so we will have enough. Absent the cost to ship them; the minimum will be 5.00 for in-person donations (though there is a separate 5.00 cover for the event we spend on appetizers).

If you want to donate and get a button(s) but can’t make it to the Revolution Taproom and Bourbon Bar in Rochester, NH, you can still do that (please).

You can also still get mask exemption placards (btw) as well so please specify with your donation what you would like.

And, as is always the case, you can donate more, we’re happy to invest that into the upkeep, so we spend less of our own blood and treasure to feed the ‘Grok.

As for buttons knowing what we know about shipping, the one-off donation is still 10.00, but we can send you three for 15.00 and 5 for 20.00. Larger quantities available, and we can always order more.

If you need more, email me, and I’ll figure out the freight and give you a price per button and total.

We truly appreciate your support and will work to continue to earn it.

Thanks, Agan!