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Virginia Court Rules in Favor of Clean Elections – AFTER Stolen Election


A lawsuit filed by a Republican Party official, Robert Hess, and Elections Board member Thomas P. Reed, was successful in reversing a motion passed by an inferior to state law elections board that allowed un-postmarked absentee ballots to be counted in the November 3, 2020, US General Election.

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…Up to three days after Virginia State Law 24.2 – 709 permits.

This allows for counting ballots that could have been cast after the election. The ballots could also be from anywhere, even outside Virginia.

Here is the case as filed.

The Defendants are three members of the Virginia State Elections Board.

That Board met on August 4, 2020, and passed a MOTION that amended a recently passed state statute (HB 238) requiring legible USPS postmarks on all valid absentee ballots. MOTIONS from Boards do not supersede state statutes.

By August 13, 2020, this Board sent an advisory notification to all election officials letting them know this was the new way to process absentee ballots, law or no law, the vote by the Board was how voting would proceed.

Now we have a compromised statewide election that affects the Presidential election. In Virginia that corrupt election was pulled off by three officials:

Jamila D. LaCruise (lawyer)

John O’Bannon (weakling or poser)

Robert H. Brink (politician)


One of the three Elections Board members is a Republican, O’Bannon. This means this RINO is the key to the corrupt 2020 Virginia election.

This is why in New Hampshire every person who cares about our state needs to take positions of any kind of public office, especially offices associated with elections. The last day to file is January 29.

You can bet the tax and spend and corrupt crowd in NH is filling every seat with John O’Bannon’s, a supposedly educated man who obviously sold out his state and our country.

The plot to steal the Virginia election was hatched BEFORE August, as the three members voted August 4th.

I hope some journalist in Virginia will track down any paper trail these people left.

Thanks to J. Christian Adams and the Plaintiffs for protecting our votes as best they can – and for once, late but better than nothing, a judge.