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Various Easy Ways To Unlock Password Protected PDF File

Password PDF file

Password-protected PDF files are not everyone’s cup of tea even if it is used worldwide. A typical user may not easily find an option online or offline to unlock and remove passwords on a PDF file. Many think that only Adobe Acrobat programs or software can unlock keys on pdf documents.

The truth is, there are a number of ways to do it with just a few clicks effortlessly. In this article, we will happily share with you the following approaches listed below on how to unlock code protected pdf files and the step by step process to do that.

Unlock secured PDF Online
You read it right. The most convenient way to unlock password protected PDF files is through online sites with a decrypt toolbox like PDFBear. On their site is a tool anyone can use to open a secured pdf file, crack codes on pdf files, free, fast, easy, works with most operating systems and browsers, and safe and online service-based.

To unlock, simply choose the files on your device, drag and drop them on the toolbox to start uploading your pdfs, enter your files’ code, click on the “unlock pdf” to start the decrypting process, and after a minute or two, your files are password-free and ready for download. However, only owner-password pdf files can be unlocked online.

Use Adobe Acrobat Unlock tool
approach anyone can use to open a pdf and remove its security code. Its decryption process is also easy. This approach’s downsides are Adobe Acrobat is a paid software, and it can only unlock owner-password pdf files. Their authors can only open Server-based secured pdf files.

To unlock using Adobe Acrobat, first, open the file using Acrobat. Use the unlock tool by selecting Tools, Protect, More Options, then Remove SecuritySecurity. You have two options on the remove security window depending on the password security type attached to your file. Choose one that is appropriate to you, and click OK to remove the code.

Use Google Chrome, doable only to desktops and laptops
Google Chrome browser is a powerful internet platform. With it, anyone can also unlock a pdf file and remove its security code easily. The process includes opening the file, unlock it, and then save it back to a new PDF. The only downside with this approach is that it will not work with smaller devices, tablets, and smartphones.

To start, open Google Chrome, then drag and drop your files into any blank space of the browser. It will immediately read and upload the files, and an input box will appear, requiring you to enter the password. Type in the code, now tick the “Print” image on the site’s upper right corner and pick “Save as PDF” to start downloading your PDF file.

Use Google Drive to open an encrypted PDF file
Google Drive is a robust cloud-based storage solution. With it, anyone can also unlock a pdf file and remove its security code online easily and for free. This method works best with pdf files in cloud storage and those who are always on the go. If your files are not on your google drive, you may transfer them to make this approach.

To begin, first, open a browser and sign in to your Google Drive account. Select your file, right-click on it, and choose “Preview.” Google Docs will open your PDF, but you will be asked to enter the password before it will. Now tick on “Submit.” Hit on the “Print” image, and from the menu, choose “Save as PDF” to have your unlocked PDF file.

Unlock server-based secured pdf files
Only authors or server administrators must access server-based secured pdf files. But for unforeseen events, anyone may search for a free online tool or service provider that can decrypt a PDF file with high-level SecuritySecurity. 100% decryption is not guaranteed, though, the process usually takes longer, and tools cannot process more than 15 MB files.

If you aim to open or access and unlock a PDF file legally, there is no need to be troubled. Please do not waste your time looking for ways to unlock them and remove their codes. Start with the offline and online existing tools above. Just make sure you have your password handy. You can find other tools to help you, like PDFBear.


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