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RV in Nashville Broadcasts Recorded Warning to Evacuate Area Before it Explodes Christmas Morning

Some in Nashville woke Christmas Morning to the sound of an evacuation warning coming from an RV on Second Street.  If they missed that, the explosion that followed surely got their attention.

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There were multiple reports of shots fired to which Police responded. Arriving on the sceneencountered a recreational vehicle blaring a recording that said a potential bomb was to detonate in 15 minutes.” So, that’s what they did. They tried to evacuate the area.

I don’t hear that on the recording captured here. All I hear is…

“This Area must be evacuated now!”

Who does that and why? What is the purpose of the detonation? You want to cause structural damage but not harm anyone in the area. All the “important” targets on this map are too far away.


Map of nashville where explosion occurred


Is it one of many future planned events using that recording? Establishing a baseline for terror.

Authorities have announced that they believe this was ‘intentional.’  What gave it away? The message from the bomb-laden vehicle warning people to evacuate before it exploded?

No one was seriously injured (yet). One officer was knocked to the ground by the blast, and another lost his hearing. Both were sent to the hospital for treatment and observation.

I wasn’t going to write about this today, but one of our superfans sent me some links to the damage (view them here) and this quote, which is more important to this and other stories than anything else we have to report today. A warning like that from the RV of the media world in which we now live.

They’ll decide what this was, then everything that doesn’t support that narrative gets scrubbed from the internet. Hell of a way to run the media and a country.

Scrubbed includes reliable propaganda ministers working at places like Facebook, flagging efforts to post facts as fake, false, or misleading.

That’s the reality in which we currently live. A few steps away from China, where they round you up and interrogate you. Put you in jail. Make you dissapear

Naw, that’ll never happen.

Keep telling yourself that. You’ll be the idiot listening to the message from the RV, clear as day, warning you of the impending danger, who doesn’t act before it’s too late.

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