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Who Pulls the Strings for BLM? … Political Interference

Who Pulls the Strings for BLM?

BLM’s leaders are closely tied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Their main connection is through Asians4black lives. This group is controlled by the San Francisco based Chinese Progressive Association (CPA).

Karissa Lewis is shown acknowledging the joint efforts of these groups. Alex Tom and Nadia Khastagir are part of Asians4blacklives.

The work of Trevor Louden is the basis for this article.

The CPA is the Communist Party of China’s main west coast support group. Pam Tau Lee is an Asian4black lives member and a CPA leader. She is the chairperson and founder of CPA. Ms. Lee says the group has roots going back to the 1930’s. They started around the Great Depression as socialists and communists.

Alex Tom is the founder of Asians4black lives and CEO of the CPA. Mr. Tom says there is a part of the Left that has always been really curious and supportive of the roll of China. The CPA was one of the first organizations to lift up the revolution in Chinatown. Our history is founded on people’s friendship in China.

Mr. Tom’s travels

In 2013 Alex Tom led a delegation of American radicals to Communist China. He says we started to have access to being able to come into China. So we built relationships with members of the CCP, activists underground and NGO’s.

In 2016 Alex Tom and CPA member Lucia Lin produced a 300 page revolutionary manual for Asians4black lives and BLM activists. Alex Tom has known BLM co-founder Alicia Garza since their student activist days at UCSD in the late 1990’s.

Alex Tom helped Alicia Garza and fellow co-founder of BLM Patrisse Cullors. Together they were able to form ties with the SE Asian Freedom Network. They are a coalition of Cambodian, Laotian and Vietnamese radicals.

Alex Ton, Alicia Garza, Pam Tau Lee and Lucia Lin are members of LeftRoots. LeftRoots is a front for the pro-CCP organization Liberation Road.

In 2014 after traveling to Communist China with Alex Tom, Lucia Lin visited Ferguson Missouri. She was accompanied by her BLM comrade Alicia Garza. Lin and Garza met with Liberation Road communist Jamala Rogers Organization for Black Struggle. They are the Liberation Road front group that organized the Ferguson Riots. Still wonder who pulls the strings for BLM?

National and international

CPA funds Alicia Garza’s leftist voter mobilization organization Black Futures Lab. Alex Tom has said China has had a very important role in funding class experiments. When a Chinese oil company got pushback for drilling in land belonging to the indigenous Sapara people Pam Tau Lee helped smooth over China’s public relations problem.

Alex Tom is very close to CCP officials in San Francisco. Mr. Tom says we have a relationship with the Chinese embassy. He says he has had various conversations with them about CPA and Asians4black lives positions. He shares the CCP hatred for President Trump.

Mr. Tom says, we’ve just got to stay eyes on the prize. From anti-Asian violence being documented, to attacks on China and defending China, to me the main thing is we gotta get rid of Trump. Pam Tau Lee of the CPA said at the “people’s Climate March” These are your marching orders. To go beyond Trump we must stand together in our resistance. How about now? Still wonder who pulls the strings for BLM?

Eric Mar, Diane Feinstein, American race relations

Pam Tau Lee and Alex Tom both work closely with former CPA CEO Eric Mar. Mar is a long time supporter of the CCP and Asians4blacklives. Eric Mar is also a close ally of veteran Bay Area activist Russell Lowe. Lowe is a former office director for California Senator Diane Feinstein. He is an identified CCP spy.

The CCP cares about U.S. race relations. Driving racial division here is an essential part of the CCP’s unrestricted warfare against America. This should concern everyone who cares about America. If this country doesn’t give us what we want then we will burn down this system and replace it.

That’s what BLM, CPA and Asians4blacklives have said, out loud on TV. It is time to take them at their word. It is time to understand who and what they represent. They are Marxists. They are violent. The Chinese Communist Party is pulling the strings and funding them.