Project Veritas: Another Activist Caught Bribing Residents to Vote Democrat - Granite Grok

Project Veritas: Another Activist Caught Bribing Residents to Vote Democrat

Veritas Nabs Vote fraud again in Texas2

Ilhan Omar’s is not the only vote-buying game in town or the only town. James O’Keefe and Project Veritas just broke another story. This time, in Texas, where a vote harvester is busted, bribing the locals to vote for Democrats is then confronted with the video evidence.

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If you want to see the face of someone who looks like they think they are going to prison, this might be your ticket.

The video footage shows [Raquel] Rodriguez persuading a woman to change her vote after having selected Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX): “If you want to change it you can, and then you can just put your initials here, so that way you’re voting for the straight Dem. Cause that’s what you want to do, correct? You want to vote for the entire, all the Democrats?”

Rodriguez continued by showing the woman how to change her vote in such a manner that would not arouse suspicion: “And you’re going to have to put like a line through it and your initials, so they’re going to know it was a mistake.”

A violation of both state and federal law, as James points out in the video below. And evidence that if the left wanted to create chaos and concern about the integrity of this election, they are doing a fine job of it. I’m just wondering where all the money is coming from and if the Feds are even trying to follow the poisoned breadcrumbs.

The undercover journalist quipped at one point that President Donald Trump was right when he raised concerns about rigged elections, to which Rodriguez responded, “It’s true; ’cause you’re not supposed to do that.”

Another ballot chaser with whom Rodriguez works, Joanne Ramon, is described as having previously even registered votes for dead people in a funeral parlor and cemetery where she worked. In the 2008 elections, Ramon mentioned that she got “over 100,000 straight tickets” for the Democrats.

However, it is not just collected ballots that are being manipulated. Rodriguez mentioned she has “a black girl at the poll … because we need the black vote, and the gay vote.”

I do not think Democrats are upset at being discovered. They want Trump or any number of Republicans to make a stink and perhaps even contest these elections’ validity. That, in my mind, has always been the goal. Undermine the institution. Invalidate the process. And then expand their civil war.

It’s a theory. Here’s James – (a local copy of this video has been archived here.)