Loving Left Propose Commission to Cleanse America of Political Opponents After They Win - Granite Grok

Loving Left Propose Commission to Cleanse America of Political Opponents After They Win

Guillotine Jeff Bezos house

Democrats are showing you their totalitarian ass again. Sure, threats, riots, compelled speech have all been on display in recent months. And we’ve had more than a few occasions when a Dem has made it clear that opposing them has consequences. But how about a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”?

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This is reminiscent of their annoying Truth squads, which Democrat campaigns would cobble together. Groups whose sole purpose was counter-intelligence/propaganda. They have Facebook and Twitter ‘fact-checkers’ for that now, equally biased and no less wrongheaded but a formal commission? That’s creepy.

Robert Reich is not some Twitter rando. He is a Berkley Professor, worked for the Clinton’s (Secretary of Labor), and was part of the Obama Administration. And this is not drunk ‘texting’ after a bit too much Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon (and some vigorous #MeToobin on a zoom meeting). This is something the Left has talked about and to which they look forward.

And it is not a new idea. They’ve been marching with guillotine imagery for ages and more often in recent months. Crazy Nancy even said the quiet part out loud when she made it clear that if you didn’t get in line or got in the way, you might get hurt.

Even a casual observer of history the Left hast have not yet rewritten or erased knows that socialists don’t just use Law to rob you, suppress rights, compel speech, and silence dissent. They purge. What that looks like depends on the winners, the losers, and whether the general population is cowed enough to let it happen.

A few high-profile 5 am riads. Show trials. Process crimes, a conviction in the court of public opinion based on shoddy evidence, and then a willing judiciary (or at least one scared enough to know the program) for the real thing.

It looks like the Mueller investigation nationwide, 24/7/365, with the same media (and we’ll add social media) lapping it up and puking it out.

If you have not already had the jaw drop, we have most of that now, and COVID19 has shown us that there is a significant volume of sheep who might blindly let it all happen. An actual purge, which makes the riots look like schoolyard tomfoolery.

For those of you who still doubt, we already have Truth and Reconciliation Commissions. Equity, diversity, and discrimination bureaucracies (boards, committees, and commissions) serve a nearly identical purpose. They define truth and then use state power to enforce it.

Don’t wonder if there will be war; we are at war, and it’s a hot war.

If the Left prevails, it will not only not end; it will gain legitimacy and support from the State. The mob will have extra-judicial power with the blessing of the government. If the Right prevails, the hot war may burn hotter for a bit, but it can’t expand its power or reach without the government or the people’s support.

Liberty is at stake. Free speech, free thought, and the idea that you have a right to disagree (or support political opponents without fear of retribution) are on the dock if Democrats win. They are admitting it. This is rare, but I think we should believe them.