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Fat Katz Food & Drink in Hudson, New Hampshire Fined $2,000 For COVID Violations

The COVID-Republick of New Hampshire has fined a local restaurant 2,000.00 Dollars. Whatever for, you ask? Failing to comply with the commandant’s orders. Specifically, Order 52 extended by Order 70. Gasp! What does that mean? They Violated the Karaoke Directives!

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Boil that dust spec, boil that dust spec, Beezelnut-Beezelnut!

The horror!

Fat Katz had “permission” to do Karaoke outside. But the neighbors complained and kept calling the police. It was also getting cold.

They moved it inside but failed to obtain the proper approval from New Hampshire’s ministry of “You must ask permission to do anything (evil synthetic laughter)!”

Failing to comply with the demand that you ask permission, compounded by an eye-witness observation that people may or might have been sharing microphones, and bam! You get fined two grand.

I’ve simplified the technical mumbo jumbo (see their version here), but the cusp of the matter is this. Nowhere in the constitutions of our state or the nation are political temps empowered to deny you the right to operate a business to this extent.

In fact, in most of the cases we’ve followed where the owner took the state to court, the state lost. I’m not saying Fat Katz should spend many more thousands on lawyers to make a point but that someone should.

Winter is coming, and the State epidemiologist, Rasputin (that’s their name in every state I’m not being mean to Dr. Benjamin Chan), is anxious to elevate the COVID Defcon level. If people don’t step up and say, I’m not going to put up with this crap all winter and well into spring, well, you will have to put up with this crap at least until spring.

There is a Cure

The cure, and there is one, is to elected Republican majorities (super-majorities are preferable) whom we can pressure to terminate any or all the emergency orders that are a clear violation of basic human rights protected by the state and federal constitution.

I can hear the fearmongering leftists wailing like the wives of lepers. Shut up!

Adults can run their own lives. Let them decide how to proceed. Why? Masks can’t stop a virus. Distancing is an unproven high-school science theory project. And you are killing people with your political response.

I predict that suicide by emergency order will become a popular path to litigation in the next year. To mitigate the taxpayer’s exposure to that contagion, I recommend letting people accept their own risks instead of creating them under the guise of knowing what is best for them.

You clearly have no damn clue.