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Crow Nation Endorses Donald Trump for President

Democrats have their fake Indians and their fake diversity. And they all promise to do things, but Donald Trump has done what actually benefits ‘Native Americans.’ He’s getting the US government out of their way. And they’ve always liked that. Hey, so do we!

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President Trump initiated changes that allowed the Crow Tribe to permit its own natural resources. Ending the war on coal also benefits the Crow, as does staying out of the way and allowing them to run their law enforcement. All things that have happened under Trump and Pence with which they are happy – “why change horses midstream.”

These are, according to the analects of Liberalism, minorities who should vote Democrat. I like to think of them as Americans who are, like many of us, just yearning to be free – to fail, succeed, and everything in between. Human beings that want to be treated with dignity, not pigeon-holed, welfare-roled, and told how to live.

They picked Trump. I wonder if the 500 (or so) other tribes feel that way?