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Watch: Biden AND Harris Separately Promoting a “Harris/Biden” Administration?

Kamala Harris

It’s unprecedented that a Democrat candidate for President AND his running mate have flipped flopped their names for the Democratic Presidential ticket they are asking you to vote for.

Both candidates appear to be in sync with naming Harris as the top of the ticket.  Here’s Joe Biden speaking to veterans in Florida referring to a “Harris/Biden administration” (@ :33):


This clip is even shorter (as I can’t find a longer version of the sound bite).  But in this clip, Kamala Harris refers to “a Harris administration together with Joe Biden.”


Perhaps the Democrats are trying to alleviate fears that Biden’s mental capacity has so severely diminished that they want to show Harris will be there to run the country…

… Or perhaps someone is having fun and we’ll hear in the near future these are just deep fake videos…

…Or perhaps the videos are real and the Democrats will use the excuse of deep fake videos to cover their tracks and try to alleviate voter concerns.

H/T: Breitbart, Kathy