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Hollis Police Department Has a Message for Political Sign Thieves – That’s a Criminal Offense!

sign stealer caught on camera

In a Facebook page update, the Hollis Police Department is looking for someone and also wanted to remind people why they are looking. Stealing is a crime and that this includes political signs. To make their point, they posted this update with an image of someone illegally removing a lawn sign.

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The associated status update says,


The Hollis Police Department would like to remind the public that taking ANY property (including political signs) without permission is a criminal offense, and those committing such acts may be subject to prosecution. If anyone recognizes the individual pictured below, they are asked to contact the Hollis Police Department at 603-465-7637.


There have been several high-profile sign-stealing incidents with police involvement. And I am aware of a few others likely to pop up any day now. We hear things.

We would never advocate stealing even when the government creates laws so they can pretend it is legal. That goes for campaign gear as well. Leave the signs alone. If you are that unhinged by a road sign, you have bigger problems than stealing it will solve. And if you get caught, at least in New Hampshire, it’s a violation of election law, and if you do it more than once (or do a lot of it all at once), you could lose your right to vote.

So, knock it off.

And yes, running them over, also illegal.

Hollis sign stealer caught on camera status update
Do you know me? The Hollis Police Would like to learn my name.