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Clinton Insider Lanny Davis: We’re Leaving and Taking the Blue States With Us (Including NH)

2016 electoral map

If there was ever a guy who knew where all the bodies are buried, it is Lanny Davis. This Clinton flunky has been embedded in the Democrat machine for decades. And he says the Blue states are leaving the Country.

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My first thought was, where are you gonna get the money for “moving” expenses? The obvious answer is the people after they build walls to keep them from leaving. But that’s not exactly why I brought it up.

It’s that last item on his new confederacy wish list—all the northeast.

I don’t care what the 2016 electoral map looked like, f**k that! New Hampshire is not going anywhere with you a**hat, tax, and spend baby-killing Marxist losers. We’ll fight to stay out of your crooked coalition, and we’ll win.

But you can have all our Democrats.

Make sure to give former US Senator Granny Shaheen a good job in your new nation-state. Given her history, perhaps minister of Declining Health and Inhuman Services. No, her health is probably fine. But she has a decades-long history of messing with everyone else’s.

You can have all the rest of them too, along with all your debt problems, energy infirmities, social issues, carbon crisis, crime, violence, riots, and endless civil war as the various factions you pitted against us have nothing better to do than hate on each other.

Skyrocketing unemployment, poverty, disease, and the ultimate end of all such experiments, a militarized police state to enforce the terminal nanny state.

We might have to bring Trump back for a third term to negotiate your sale back into the union, but America will have seen the truth of it. Leftism is a broken promise that ends with you face down in a gutter (in front of the burned out shell of your home or business).

One more point. You have pissed off so many traditional democrat constituencies that after November 2020 there may not be that the many Blue States left to leave. Michigan is not likely to be on board, nor is Minnesota or Wisconsin. Illinois could be a toss-up too. Hawaii is supposed to be underwater, right?