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Meet “Gen Z GOP” – The New No Labels, Coffee Party Lincoln Project Jr.

Gen Z Gop

A new political action group based (allegedly) in Massachusetts has announced its presence. It’s called Gen Z GOP. They are a young, moderate, anti-Trump front group who appear to exist to advance liberal priorities behind the patina of opposing unproductive discourse.

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The group claims to support “freedom, individual liberty, personal responsibility, and a free-market system rooted in capitalism.” And that sounds groovy, but they also support “bipartisan reform for border security, and private-public partnerships to provide accessible health care.”

“We strive to be a GOP that pursues climate change solutions that harness American innovation and create green energy jobs…”

Free trade is great, but it doesn’t mean what they think it means. A majority y of Gen Z embraces more progressive government involvement in everything. Hence, their version inevitably leads toward America getting screwed by the world (wealth inequality, and all of that). “Reform border security” means back to more open borders (vote-stealing and district stuffing), and the bit about health care is, well, more like failed ObamaCare. You can’t be for the free market and the imposition of public power into private business or anything else.

Climate Change? Green Jobs? Sorry, neither is suitable for the climate or jobs. It’s a lose-lose.

In essence, what we have is another third-way progressive Democrat front group running cover for more incremental progressive conquest.

This is the Coffee Party, No Labels, and the Lincoln Project for the kiddies table.

And can someone explain to me why every third-way so-called republican group immediately blames Republicans for the corrosive discourse? Is it their militant cancel culture, speech suppression, riots, looting, and violence? Sorry, those are all not just features of the left; they are badges of honor.

Do you see what I’m saying here?

I would bet Bernie Sander’s money that the funding for this group is tied to Far-left Democrats who support never-Trumpers who are the funnels for the lefty-dollars to groups like GEN Z GOP. And together, they will make America Not So Great Again.

Image Credit | Boston Herald