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Easy Garden Projects to Make the Neighbors Jealous


Are you always looking over at the neighbor’s garden and feeling a little green with envy? Fear not, as we have some fantastic (and simple!) ideas to make you proud of your garden and make it a comfortable and relaxing space.

Make candleholders.

Light is something that people often forget about when designing and creating their garden, and it’s a super simple addition that can bring your space to life. Try making candleholders from used tin cans or mason jars and string them across your garden, so that when the sun starts setting, you can light tealights and add them to the holders.

Get creative with your flowerpots.
Rather than spending a fortune on flowerpots, get creative and paint the ones that you have. This is both less expensive and lets you design your flowerpots to perfectly align with the rest of your garden’s overall aesthetic. It’s also a great little project where you can get the rest of the family involved.

Mix up your flowerbeds.
Standard flowerbeds that are all straight lines are fine, but something as simple as changing your flowerbeds’ shape can make it look like you’ve paid a professional to design your garden. After adding some shape to your flowerbeds, edge around them with small fencing or wooden blocks, and you’ll have a unique and pleasing look.

You can also build raised flowerbeds to get away from what everyone else on your street is doing. These are simple to make and can be great for plant health as you can control the soil, and your flowers are away from weeds growing around them. You just need some wooden planks or red bricks and an afternoon of work to make these. You can check out some great ideas here.

Get your lawn on.
A lawn may be the last thing you want to invest in, as you may think that they take hours to care for, but this isn’t necessarily true. There will be some work involved, but if you invest in a good-quality lawn, upkeep will be reduced significantly. The secret is high-quality soil, and then either seeds or turf that’s ready to lay, and you’re set with a lawn that will make heads turn. You can find out more about how to care for your lawn, so you’re fully prepared.

Upgrade your furniture.
Good-looking garden furniture will make your garden look stunning and give you a perfect spot to sit and relax with friends and family. Brand-new garden furniture can be expensive, so shop around and try looking for stores that sell on last season’s showroom furniture. You’ll often be able to pick this up for a fraction of the cost, and the items will be almost like new. Combined with the other projects we’ve suggested and any others you may have thought of, you’ll have a garden to be happy to show off.


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