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3 Tips for Fly Fishing from a Kayak

Kayakers rigged for fishing

Conventional anglers consider kayaks to be reliable fishing vessels, and they have used them for years. However, most fly anglers have been reluctant to try kayaks fishing. And that is because most kayaks are not designed for fly fishing.

But, considering the numerous benefits of kayaks such as low maintenance cost, ease of transport and mobility; it is high time you tried fly fishing from a kayak! So, here are some unique tips for fly fishing from kayaks.

Tips for Fly Fishing From Kayaks

1. Look for a Fly Fishing Friendly Kayak
While kayaks, irrespective of size and design, work perfectly for conventional anglers, most of them are not designed for fly angling. So, make sure you get a fly fishing friendly kayak. It should be equipped with everything you need for fly angling, including a one-handed paddle that fits perfectly in your hand.

One of the critical factors to consider when buying a kayak for fly fishing is stability. Remember, casting fly rods is more dynamic and active than casting baits. The best kayak for fly fishing should be between 12 and 14 feet long and about 30 inches wide. And for maximum stability, they have pontoon-shaped or flat hulls. You can add a stand-assist strap to help you stand up when fishing.

2. Add an Anchoring System
Kayaks are small vessels that move freely around the lake or river. And while their size and mobility are some of the main reasons why anglers love these vessels, kayaks can be easily blown off course by strong currents and wind. Therefore, make sure you add an anchoring system to the kayak.

3. Keep Your Backcast High
One of the main problems, new kayak fly anglers must overcome is slapping the water when making back casts. In fact, keeping the backcasts high enough can be quite challenging in a seated position. So, instead of directing your backcasts directly backward, you should keep them high.

Kayakers rigged for fishing

Final Thoughts
Fly fishing is an exciting, relaxing, and rewarding outdoor activity that does more than just reduce your stress level. It is a great activity that can help you keep fit. With a kayak, you can access all the calm hidden spots on the lake and enjoy your morning or afternoon fishing.


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