Second Night of Shootings in Seattle's Utopian Autonomous Zone - Granite Grok

Second Night of Shootings in Seattle’s Utopian Autonomous Zone

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The Capital Hill Organized Protest Zone (CHOP) had its second shooting incident in as many days Sunday night. At least one person was shot the day after two were shot, one of which died. So, Utopia has had at least three shooting victims in two days, and numerous other petty crimes.

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Shootings are one of the few things that will get the Seattle Police into CHOP, but even then, they are still unwanted.

Officers responding to the shooting said they had trouble getting to the scene because they were “were met by a violent crowd that prevented officers safe access to the victims.”

As for ‘an investigation,’ that’s not going to go well or quickly (if at all), and the CHOP FanBoyGirls better get used to it. No cops may mean no patrols, but it also means no quick response, little to no evidence collection, no investigations, no cooperation, and minimal opportunity for follow-through.

Your peaceful little protest club will continue to devolve into madness because Leftists and Anarchists have the same blind spot—human nature.

Absent any disincentive, this loving, caring listening cooperative you have carved out – living off other people’s power, water, and wifi by the way (Autonomous means, Independent) – will only get worse, which begs a new question. We know the CHOP borders are guarded to keep unwanted people out. How long before those same guards are tasked with keeping people who want to leave in, and of what does that remind you?


Berlin Wall. Built to keep the oppressed from sneaking out and finding a better life outside that Utopia. One was a police state, the other will have to become one if it is ever to have any sort of order, all in the name of ending policing.

How many of them never saw that coming?

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