Mr. Attorney General Bill Barr - Never let a Treason Crisis go to Waste. - Granite Grok

Mr. Attorney General Bill Barr – Never let a Treason Crisis go to Waste.


You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to save your country from an attack from within.

Here is an easy investigation to open and charge two people with:

Obama holdover, acting US Attorney Sally Yates, charged Michael Thomas Flynn, retired United States Army Lieutenant General with a potential violation of the Logan Act. This law is over 200 years old and was, until Sally Yates needed it, never used to prosecute anyone. But the supposedly educated former editor of the Georgia Law Review when she was in college, felt compelled to use it to damage President Trump through his National Security Advisor Major Flynn.

This was just one of several attempts to keep newly elected President Trump from taking office or ruining anyone associated with him.

Obama operative, Sally Yates, still inside the Trump transition administration, used her position to try and damage President Trump through association with General Flynn. All she had to do, and did, was paste a false label of traitor on General Flynn with the ridiculous pretense that he was a Russian spy then let the DNCMedia and the DNC-DOJ do the rest.

Where did this coup conspirator get her non-evidence of Flynn/Russia contacts?

Enter Harvard Law grad and anti-Trump coup plotter Samantha Power, United States Ambassador to the United Nations from 2013 to 2017.

This woman used her position to unmask the correspondence of anyone involved with Israeli settlements, apparently with the intention of helping Hamas. We have several Democrat congresswomen who do that on a daily basis now. Samantha Power was a one-woman squad at the UN before they showed up.

Obama was careful to plant the worst America hating operatives he assembled into positions of power. Obama had the advantage of being a Harvard Law grad so he could easily reach into that nest of vipers.

Journalist Sharyl Attkisson wrote a very understandable article about Power and Yates, along with other Obama conspirators.

It is up to Prosecutor Durham and Barr to put an end to domestic spying against US citizens. Hillary Clinton got away with possessing 900 FBI files during her husband’s corrupt administration. Those documents were probably handed over to her thug associate Craig Livingstone by friendly FBI sources.

Here we are in 2020 with proof that spying on US citizens was part of an attempted soft coup by a former president and his conspirators against a presidential candidate and soon to be elected president.

Never before in our history has such an event occurred and now it is time to flush this toilet of insiders and traitors.

It is past time for proper authorities to investigate, indict, convict, and jail these criminals to the utmost extent – in a venue outside Washington DC and surrounding areas of partisan juries.

And break up offending Federal departments. Scatter them in other parts of the country before Washington, DC is the end of us all.

Americans are owed this much.

While we are at it.

Where was the head of the agency charged with protecting the civil rights of Americans during this unmasking?

His name is Alex Joel.

He was a senior officer with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), from 2005 until June 2019.

CLPT is charged with ensuring the Intelligence Community function in a manner that protects privacy and civil rights.

Since 2015, he also served as the ODNI’s Chief Transparency Officer, appointed to the position by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

James Clapper – traitor.