ACTION ALERT: Public Charter School Grant Heads to Senate - Grok!

ACTION ALERT: Public Charter School Grant Heads to Senate

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UPDATE: The hearing today at 1pm has been moved to Representative’s Hall in the State House!

The Fiscal Committee has killed the Public Charter School Grant (of $46 million) four separate times, including today. Rep. Ken Weyler announced today’s vote was 7 Democrats to table, 3 republicans no. Senator D’Allesandro and Chairman Wallner took great offense to that announcement. Now, the Public Charter School Grant heads to the Senate.

A bill, introduced by Jeb Bradley and cosponsored by every Republican in the Senate, will authorize Commissioner Frank Edelblut and the Department of Education to accept and utilize the Charter School Grant funding. The Senate Finance Committee will hold a public hearing Tuesday, February 18, at 1pm in State House Room 103. The bill is numbered SB747-FN.

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For those of you who have been following the charter school grant process, this is your chance. We can (and should) start writing the members of the Senate Finance Committee. We can (and should) make sure we show up Tuesday at 1pm to let these legislators know they work for us. The Fiscal Committee has failed to do the right thing for New Hampshire students and families. So, the Senate Finance Committee needs to know that the voters in New Hampshire will not tolerate their inaction and failure on this issue.

Department of Education Releases In-Depth Report

A report released yesterday by the Department of Education in New Hampshire shows that taxpayers could save up to $178 million over the next decade by utilizing this grant. That’s not small change, and it directly affects your property taxes here in New Hampshire.

The report further summarizes that with or without this grant, New Hampshire will lose between 26,000 and 48,000 students over the next decade. That number is based on the historical trends in the state. Democrats have been putting up a fuss over the 4,000 students who may move to Charter Schools under the new grant, but what are they going to do when we lose 12 times that many students?

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You can email the Senate Finance Committee at You can call them at 603.271.4980.

The members of the Committee are: