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Local Activists Are Pushing a National Carbon Tax Scheme at the Town Level

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Let me know if you can see the fraud from here? “Local” Climate activists are pushing petitions (warrant articles) in town elections all over the state. The Citizens Climate Lobby is proposing a carbon fee that is collected and then (wait for it) returned to the people. 

Martin, a member of the Citizens Climate Lobby, explained that she’s in favor of a “carbon cash back” version of carbon pricing, which would pass the money collected from fees levied against carbon producers to every person within the jurisdiction of the legislation.

“[The Citizens Climate Lobby is] presenting a form of carbon fee that is considered revenue neutral,” Martin said. “Carbon producers, they would pay a fee on how many tons of carbon they produce … all that money goes into a pool and gets refunded in equal shares to every citizen over the age of 18. The idea is that, even though fuels will become more expensive, [fuel companies] won’t pass on that cost immediately. Even if they do, people will be receiving the dividend that will help offset the cost.”

You what else is more revenue-neutral. No tax at all. In fact, if that’s a concern, you can’t any more revenue-neutral than that. Fuels will not get more expensive, and they won’t have to pass those costs alone, and you won’t need the bureaucrats, rules, or the carbon footprint of expanded government to collect, count, measure, calculate and then return the money?

This is damn near one of the dumbest pro-environment ideas ever. Doing nothing would be better for the environment than this. Unless…

I can think of two reasons (other than socialist wealth redistribution). The point is to grow government and at some point change the rules to stop refunding some of the tax or (eventually) any of the tax. A bait and switch.

You wind up some locals to push your idea in an effort to advance what is actually a national agenda. Which, surprise! is exactly what this is.

Spear-headed by (guess who?) The Citizens Climate Lobby.  HR763

…imposes a fee on the carbon content of fuels, including crude oil, natural gas, coal, or any other product derived from those fuels that will be used so as to emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

They claim bipartisan support but that looks like 78 Democrat cosponsors and one Republican. For the, 

Creation of a Carbon Dividend Trust Fund, to be distributed to the American people, will make markets more efficient, create jobs, and stimulate competition, innovation, and technological progress that benefit all Americans and future generations.

To make everything cost more so you can give some of it back? Well, yes!

Administrative fees are not to exceed 8% of the total of all monies collected

  • And 2% of the five-year rolling average in succeeding years…
  • And “So much of the expenses as are necessary to administer chapter 101 for any year as does not to exceed 0.60 percent of the amounts appropriated to the Carbon Dividend Trust Fund for the previous year…”

Everyone who has a social security number gets a piece of what’s left decided by guess who?

The Secretary shall promulgate rules, guidance, and regulations useful and necessary to implement the Carbon Dividend Trust Fund.”

And yes, this is popping up all over New Hampshire and, if I had to guess, in your town across you state, wherever that state may be.

But if it makes you feel better the guy who founded this movement, may he rest in peace (he passed in Dec of 2019), was motivated by Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth. An award-winning pack of lies, none of which has come to pass.

I have more thoughts on this but I’m running long. Watch for a follow-up. But until then, check to see if they are pushing this in your town, and then push back.

| Keene Sentinel