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House Democrats Prepared to Subpoena Bolton to Continue Ukraine Investigation

Fat Jerry Nadler

We told you it would never end. Not that you didn’t expect that. Our savvy readers understand the nature of this beast. It has secrets, Trump could reveal them, they can stop at nothing to see that doesn’t happen. So, Surprise, Fat Jerry Nadler says he has permission to subpoena John Bolton.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler said that House Democrats are “likely” to continue investigating President Trump’s conduct vis-a-vis Ukraine by subpoenaing  former national security adviser John Bolton, even after the president’s expected acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial Wednesday.

“I think it’s likely, yes,” Nadler said when asked whether Democrats planned to continue their probes of the president’s alleged quid pro quo with Ukrainian president Voldymyr Zelensky.

Acquittal Scmittle, this is about protecting the Constitution. No, I’m serious. They said that. 

“I think when you have a lawless president, you have to bring that to the fore and you have to spotlight that,” Nadler said of his party possibly continuing investigations.

“You have to protect the Constitution, whatever the political consequences,” the New York Democrat continued. “As more and more lawlessness comes out, I presume the public will understand that.”

This from a guy who denied the President his Due Process rights during an unconstitutional investigation to impeach him. Yes, it was. The Speaker has no authority to approve an impeachment investigation without a full vote of the House. A vote that never happened. 

Every member of the House who voted for the articles presented based on that investigation, including our own Ann Kuster and Chris Pappas, violated the law on several points. But you probably knew that too.

Did you know this?

Schiff claims that after the vote against having more witnesses went down to defeat on Friday, Jan. 31, Democrats reached out to Bolton’s legal counsel to try to get an affidavit from Bolton about what he knew. According to Schiff, Bolton refused to submit such an affidavit.

Bolton might be done playing the Democrat’s game or perhaps there was never any “there” there, to borrow a catchy phrase from Peter Strozk. Which, we know our readers know to be true. But that won’t stop Democrats. As we have noted in the past the party has things to hide and they will stop at nothing to keep them hidden.

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