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Warren Pledges to Fill Cabinet with People Pretending to Be Whatever Gets Them the Job – Like Her


One of the beauties of the modern cultural Marxism – especially when it comes to gender – is that it’s fluid. That means it can be anything at any time to anybody. The same way Liz Warren was an Indian when it was necessary and then wasn’t.

In other words, gender, to the left, is a political construct whose form exists from moment to moment to achieve the best possible personal or political advantage.

Put another way; it’s utter, total bulls**t. 

This explains why Lizard Warren is promising, in her latest leap of far-lefty appeasement, to populate her cabinet with women and non-binary people. 

Warren, who is currently sitting in third in most national polls behind former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, wrote Tuesday in a lengthy post on Medium that she will build “a Cabinet and senior leadership team that reflects the full diversity of America, including having at least 50 [percent] of Cabinet positions filled by women and nonbinary people.”

In a non-binary world where sex and gender have no meaning, this has no meaning. Warren could find dozens of human bodies that could then claim status as one or more points on the spectrum for each day of the week. In the Modern Democrat Socialist Cultural Revolution, it would be discriminatory to cast doubt upon any of them at any time ever.

Political climbers who are otherwise heterosexual in their habits and preference need only claim to be binary or female or Cherokee Hispanic Black Transgender Atheists to qualify. Refusing to believe is bigoted and discriminatory.

Or, more likely, Warren will pick people who will do her bidding who can then declare they are whatever needs declaring to make it appears as whatever.

Put another way; it’s utter, total bulls**t. 

Not that this matters. The group Warren needed to win over to have any hope of not washing out was Bernie Supporters, and she’s lost all of them. Moderates and semi-moderates, even in name only, are not voting for Warren. They’ll vote Biden or even Butt Edge Edge.

She’s done. Well, not entirely. We still get to watch her flail about waving at the far left in a desperate effort at relevance.

We should enjoy that while it lasts.

| Legal Insurrection

Warren – Image Credit, Axios