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Cold War Era Doomsday Clock ‘Recycled’ in the Service of Climate Change

Photo by Lexey Swall Photography, courtesy of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

The Union of Concerned Scientists are nothing more than left-wing activists and have been decades. I call them the Union of Concerned Socialists. We’re not advancing Socialism so here’s some scary crap we made up to help. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (The Doomsday Clock Folks) are no different.

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They even have something in common with the UCS. Denuclearization. More accurately, disarming the US and making it defenseless. That’s one of the (not so) hidden planks of the Democrat party. It’s a big one too. Energy security, no. Border Security, no. Armed law-abiding citizens, no. Military deterrent, no.

For them, the best way for the world to become a better place is if the US stops trying to be a nation where people can be safe and free to lift themselves out of poverty however they choose and accept its role as the globalist’s ATM. At least until they run out of our money.

Having killed the goose, the natural decline into global feudalism follows apace which is of no concern to the elites who will always have plenty. But I digress.

The Doomsday Clock, we are warned, stands at 100 seconds. Why? Climate Change!

In a breathless press release on January 23, which included a cameo from former California governor and climate activist Jerry Brown, the group announced that due to “climate change,” the world is 20 seconds closer to midnight, standing at 100 seconds (1 minute 40 seconds) before midnight.

Nuclear war would be bad but this?

Civilization-ending nuclear war—whether started by design, blunder, or simple miscommunication—is a genuine possibility. Climate change that could devastate the planet is undeniably happening. And for a variety of reasons that include a corrupted and manipulated media environment, democratic governments and other institutions that should be working to address these threats have failed to rise to the challenge.

Note to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (The Doomsday Clock Folks). I’ve seen the Green New Deal. It is a bigger threat to civilization than so-called climate change. Which, by the way, keeps going through rebranding because the climate is not cooperating.

Perhaps you should follow their lead on that as well and rename the lead actor in your political theater the Climate Clock. doomsday is a bit melodramatic given that every prophesied climate doom for the past 40 years as turned out to not just be wrong but ridiculously so.