The Entitlement Culture of the Swamp and Why Firing Navy Sec. Richard Spencer is Good for America - Granite Grok

The Entitlement Culture of the Swamp and Why Firing Navy Sec. Richard Spencer is Good for America

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Another installment of “Trump is a Tyrant” played the theatrical venues we once called the News. The firing of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer is a constitutional crisis. But it’s not another ‘we have you now,’ not even close.

Not that any of the Left’s other “we have you now” moments amounted to anything but increased fundraising and support for President Trump. Most of them were duds, far too many were just fake news made up by leftists or reinterpreted and completely misrepresented to the public.

The latest drama involves a Navy Seal. Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher was charged with war crimes and acquitted by a military jury, but the Navy demoted him anyway. Mr. Trump took up his cause and reversed the demotion.

 But the Navy was pressing ahead with the review board over Gallagher’s right to wear the SEAL Trident. Spencer secretly approached the White House, allegedly offering to pre-determine the outcome of the review favorably for Gallagher if the president would let it move forward.

So, Spencer did an end-around his superiors to promise a rigged review board if the White House would play along.

While the Media storms the gates again, Chris Farrell at the Daily Caller delivers the reality sandwich regarding Spencer and his ilk.

This particular breed of anti-Trumper, the member of the inside-the-government resistance, likes to invoke some imagined higher duty to the nation to justify their insubordination. As Spencer wrote in his self-serving post-firing letter, he could not “in good conscience obey an order that I believe violates the sacred oath I took in the presence of my family, my flag and my faith to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.” But that same Constitution grants the president his lawful powers, whether it involves defending a sailor as Commander-in-Chief, firing an ambassador as chief diplomat, or ignoring the advice of a self-important NSC staffer in his role as the top national security decision maker.

If we face a constitutional crisis it is not the fault of President Trump but of the psychology that some people in government nurture that it is their job to see to it that the president fails in his office, that his decisions can safely be ignored, and that his presidency is fundamentally illegitimate. Spencer griped that the message the president was sending the troops was “that you can get away with things.” But Spencer was the one who tried to pull a fast one and failed. Meanwhile, anti-Trumpers in the government continue to frustrate the president’s policies.

The longer Mr. Trump is President, the more these snakes will reveal themselves to be removed from positions of power. And that is one of many reasons why we want Donald Trump to be President.

| Daily Caller