Meet Tulsi Gabbard Friday in Hollis, New Hampshire - Lawrence Barn - Granite Grok

Meet Tulsi Gabbard Friday in Hollis, New Hampshire – Lawrence Barn

Tusi Hollis Town hall

No, I’m not a Tulsi Gabbard fan (beyond her Kamala Campaign destroying superpower). Harris has a long and well-connected history to socialists and communists in America. She should never be President. But Gabbard is still a Democrat. Having said that, so what.

One of the joys of being in New Hampshire is retail politics. The opportunity to meet people who are striving for the highest office in the land, qualified or not (most of them not) – even when you have very little in common politically. 

Gabbard, unlike most of the left-wing cranks around here, seems willing to have a debate without accusing everyone of hate for disagreeing on the use of government power or our tax dollars. I think that’s accurate. And it is worth something — not my vote, but certainly my attention. 

Yes, the event will be cluttered with the other sort of Democrat. Not exactly the venue for a MAGA hat unless you want to see real hate up close. Bring a friend with a camera and your insurance card.

If you go sans headwear (recommended so you can be all Stefan Halper), we’d be interested in any onsite video or reporting you might be able to provide. We might have someone there, but a stringer is less conspicuous. That goes for any Democrat event in the state.


Tusi Hollis Town hall