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University Event “Drag as Therapy” – And it’s Kid Friendly!

Piranha queen drag as therapy

Are you feeling a bit out of sorts? The University of Arizona may have a cure for what ails you. An exploration in dressing up as the opposite sex as therapy.

Titled “Drag as Therapy,” the event was hosted by the University of Arizona Institute for LGBT Studies. The institute’s email invitation described Piranha’s visit as one meant to “provide space for exploration of gender and art through drag” at an event where the drag queen would “guide” attendees “through the cathartic experience of creating wearable art, makeup looks and more!” …

“This is an all ages event and is open to youth,” notes a Facebook listing for the event, which contains the tag “kid-friendly.”

That’s the bumper sticker, right there! “Drag is Kid Friendly!’

It’s an artistic expression. Drag is my muse! Or just a way to cope with body issues. And not long from now, drag will be the next holistic cure for cancer.

Men dressing up as women as therapy seems a bit strange. But don’t be square, you bigot. 

“I want to give all types of art an ability to be incorporated, Drag to me is expansive, and I hope I can help people bring all they have to the table, from music, to poetry, to all forms of visual art. I want to provide a messy, uncensored, supportive and vulnerable community work space,”

We used to rely on weed for that. No makeup required or costume changes. And weed is almost kind-of legal in lots of places.

Just saying.

| Campus Reform