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Strafford NH School has Gun Free School Sign – But There’s No Such Thing in NH

SAU 44 in New Hampshire has done something that caught a reader’s attention. They have a sign outside the Strafford School that says “Drug-Free Gun Free” School Zone. The school can’t legally say it is Gun Free because they don’t have the authority.

Anyone with a carry permit, a pistol revolver license issued by an authorized authority, may carry concealed on any school campus in the state. That’s Federal law, and there is no state law to contradict it.

If you want to see, take a trip over to 22 Roller Coaster Road in Strafford, New Hampshire. That’s where I’m told the sign can be seen.

Then, especially if you are a resident of Strafford, consider asking these important questions.

  • How long has it been there?
  • Who authorized it?
  • Did they not know the law?
  • That this is a Dillon’s Rule State?
  • That they have no authority to post this sign?
  • Was there a vote, and can we see who voted for this?
  • Do you know this is a lie and they are misleading people?
  • When are you taking it down?

“Violators” will not face federal state and local criminal penalties unless they are criminals (active shooters) who don’t care about the law or the penalties. People who might find a gun-free zone sign attractive.



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