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Sanctuary – Nation – Law – Society

Sanctuary – Nation – Law – Society

Sanctuary is a violation of our nation, law and society. Why is this true? Nations all have clearly delineated borders. The borders of a country must have the respect of citizens and neighbors. Wars are fought over disrespect for the territory of a nation. These things we know because history so informs us.


Countries have always had the right to clearly establish secure borders. They control their borders. Surrounding governments, tribes, and individuals recognize their sovereignty. Nations have the right to determine who may enter, under what circumstances. They are able to confer resident or alien status to foreigners should it be mutually beneficial.

Nations who receive aliens should not at some future time turn against them and mistreat them. When a nation allows aliens into their territory they should receive fair treatment in legal and social spheres. So what is wrong with Sanctuary? Sanctuary is a lawless act.


A minority is imposing its will on the majority by stealth, deception, and defiance. That is tyranny. In sanctuary, this minority refuses the law of the nation. It erodes the borders of the nation. Sanctuary imposes and economic burden on the people of the nation without their consent. It takes from the society and gives to the alien that which is not the sanctuary’s to give.

We have laws. America is a nation of laws. Laws and statutes are necessary to set the bounds of our rule of law. These things demonstrate how essential legal structure is for governance. Enforcement of the law in an even-handed manner is necessary. The citizens, aliens, and foreign visitors must respect the nations’ law.

Equal justice under the law must apply to all citizens and aliens alike. We must require the equal application of local, state, provincial, and federal laws. In the court system, no partiality should be shown. Our judges must be fair. There is a process for aliens to seek entry. No such thing as sanctuary for economic reasons exists. There never has been such a process.


Those locations offering sanctuary for illegal aliens do so without the support of law, ethics or morality. Historically sanctuary was a way to allow an innocent party to get a fair hearing before the law. It has never before been for the purpose of sheltering lawbreakers. Sanctuaries may intend a gesture of safe haven; they are in fact violating federal law and misrepresenting their authority to do so.

Today legal immigrants who are needy should be extended governmental services. We do not turn our backs on those here legally in need of employment, food, education, and training. Legal immigrants should receive whatever is offered to disadvantaged citizens should they qualify. They should go out and work for those things they require. There is nothing inappropriate in expecting those who benefit from the generosity of others and the state to expend some effort in meeting their own needs. Sanctuary is a violation of our nation, law, and society.