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More Democrat Leadership on Display


The NYPD is under attack.  Protesters are launching ‘Punch That Cop’ Campaigns. AOC is endorsing and supporting the movement. The NYPD is the target of violent NYC subway protesters demanding free rides. Dem Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is supporting these protestors.

The protest

About a thousand protesters attempted to overload the New York City subway. Their ostensible gripe, NYPD officers enforcing the laws they are sworn to uphold and defend. Using violent leftist tactics, the anti-police subway protests are encouraging violence. It won’t be long until these subway protests take a dangerous turn.

The protesters in the Brooklyn subway station had the support and encouragement of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. The protesters are upset about a fare increase. They believe riding the subway is a right. It should be free. They expect the NYPD to turn a blind eye to fare jumpers. These freeloaders are willing to promote violence to achieve their goals. How is it these freeloaders don’t understand their theft drives up the cost for everyone else?

AOC and her cohorts don’t believe there should be any punishment for jumping the subway lines and pay nothing. Their socialist principles say everything belongs to the state. You cannot steal from the state. You are owned by the state. The state is responsible to meet your needs.

They came prepared

Close to a thousand anti-police protesters descended on Downtown Brooklyn Friday night. They spent their time blocking traffic, vandalizing a city bus and shouting obscenities at the NYPD. The demonstration formed shortly after 7 p.m. It was in the streets near the Barclays Center. The protesters were unfurling large banners that read “F—k the police” and “Don’t let these pigs touch us.” The crowd began dispersing at about 9 p.m. Maybe they have been reading Representative Le’s Facebook posts.

The demonstration was in response to a planned crackdown on fare evasion by the NYPD. They were also making noise about two controversial recent police actions in Brooklyn subway stations. AOC has been supporting the protesters who are threatening police. One of the banners that were carried by several people read, “Ante up! Punch that cop! NYPD out of MTA!” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants you to know. People who call the police pigs and threaten violence against them are her kind of people.

These NYC subway protesters vandalized a bus and some buildings. These were not peaceful people. They want free transit fares and they will apparently work towards accomplishing this and any cost. That means including promoting violence against NYPD officers. There has been a growing lack of respect for police officers in New York City.

Disrespect, property damage and violence

NYPD Officers are a rather iconic part of the fabric of the American story. They have a reputation for bravely and professionally dealing with the worst of the worst. These police officers risk their lives daily to protect the residents and visitors of the Big Apple. They are on the front lines and making sacrifices daily. In return for their service, Ocasio-Cortez and her people reward these brave men and women with protests, threats, and attacks.

Hopefully, these NYC subway protesters come to their senses. The officers who protect and serve deserve their respect. Maybe, AOC will do the right thing and attempt to reverse any damage she’s done. She should be standing up for the brave men and women serving her District and across NYC. This is another example of more Democrat leadership was on display.