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Mommy What Does Congress Do?

Mommy, what does Congress do?

Donald Trump’s political opponents are making his “America first” their target. We are witnessing knee-jerk opposition to whatever comes from his mouth. No thought is being given to whether he might actually be putting American citizens’ interests above those of the rest of the world.

His opposition either does not care about the American people or they have so much hate for him they will destroy America to harm him.


The most recent iteration of knee jerk hatred in action is the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The agreement may not be perfect. It may be deserving of intense scrutiny by lawmakers. But the opportunity has come and gone. The treaty has been before congressional leaders for months. What have they done? NOTHING.

The Democrat majority in a show of leadership is killing the treaty with congressional inaction. It is doing so for one of two reasons: Ineptitude or malice. The House Democrat majority just don’t care enough to act. Perhaps they really are socialist and they do not believe in free trade. Or perhaps they simply do not care about you or the welfare of your family.

Certainly, the Democrats do not care about the nation or its trade obligations. They do not care about international trade or trade deficits or the federal budget. If they cared about any of these things they would have taken up the USMCA long ago. Mommy, what does Congress do?

Looking good or being good

The Democrats do not care to even take up this trade agreement with our largest trading partners. But hey. It’s only the future of the nation… on hold because they are too busy doing what? Posturing? Preening? Positioning for the next election? Hey, you voted for these Bozo’s…

Now, it is the eleventh hour and Speaker Pelosi is trying to tinker with the USMCA. Suddenly she cares about the provision of the agreement. Now it is important to get involved with the intellectual property rights of biologic drugs. This is a transparent play to obstruct the passage of the USMCA.

The gambit is an attempt to block this important trade agreement. The move is motivated by not wanting to appear nakedly political. Being nakedly political is okay but the appearance matters. That’s the rule with Democrat leadership. Always look good while damaging the national interests of America for political gain.

This behavior is acting in bad faith

The provision in question grants 10-year biologic exclusivity across North America. This means that brand-name patents on biologics will be run for 10 years in all three nations. During this time, no competitors or generic counterparts may come to market. This provision was seen as an important win for American patients, as well as the manufacturers of innovative cures.

This 10-year exclusivity is longer than the existing law in Mexico and Canada. The U.S. uses a 12-year exclusivity period under current law. Though position is viewed as a compromise by some. The 10-year period of exclusivity is long enough that it would harm the investment incentive for generic competitors, and potentially inhibit their ability to market to consumers.

This was an argument made by free market and consumer groups during the debate on USMCA. It is also one that Pelosi and congressional Democrats could have been making for a long time. Instead, they are coming to a final version of the agreement the parties got on board with. A version they delayed until the eleventh hour when sticking points will sink the whole agreement. The term to describe this type of behavior is acting in bad faith. Mommy, what does Congress do?

What have the other parties done?

The USMCA has now been ratified in Mexico. An implementation bill has received introduction in Canada. What is important now is that a deal pass with a uniform biologics exclusivity, period. There was a time for raising misgivings about length. It has long since gone by.

Under the current framework, Mexican and Canadian patients get access to lower-cost medication before US patients. This means Americans bear a disproportionate burden for the research and development costs of these biologics. Harmonizing the exclusivity levels the playing field across these nations. That is something that has been lacking for years.

What is the benefit or harm to the average American?

Pharmaceutical companies spend huge sums of money to research and develop new, innovative cures. When companies have longer market exclusivity in the U.S. than they do abroad, Americans are the ones who pay the costs to make that research and development worthwhile.

American patients and caregivers should not be left holding the bill for patients in Mexico, Canada. That is why the uniform exclusivity is an important provision. That is why it fits nicely within President Trump’s “America First” agenda. Last-minute alterations of the sort proposed by Pelosi risk the deal’s ratification. More importantly it guarantees the continuation of the status quo which disadvantages Americans.

This only increases market uncertainty surrounding America’s trade policies. That will have negative effects on our economy. The time has come for Pelosi and Congress to stop playing political games. We are gambling with our country’s economic future. There are millions of Americans across the nation depending on the outcome of the debate on USMCA.


The deal has been on the table for many months. The American people should not tolerate any more stall tactics from Congress. Our Congress should be acting in our national interest. Madam Speaker, which is more important partisan politics or the financial health and welfare of America? It is time to choose. Mommy what does Congress do?