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America Has a Two Tier Justice System

America’s Two Tier Justice System

Today America has a two-tier justice system. Most of us understand it. Many accept it. We all know it is not rich versus poor, or on racial. Those divisions are the old paradigm. Today if you’re a Leftist, a favorite of government bureaucrats, you receive favorable treatment. If you’re a conservative, support the original values and principles articulated in the U.S. Constitution or the President you will be dealt with harshly.

The narrative

Nancy Pelosi and her followers demonstrate this to us daily. “No one is above the law,” the House speaker told Stephen Colbert. She said the same thing back in September. Earlier in the year, she said it this way, “No one is above the law, especially the president of the United States.” It’s not at all subtle. She seems to have made no exceptions in her declarative statements.

She is not alone in attempting to remove Trump via a procedural coup. Pelosi is joined by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. He said in December of 2018, “No one is above the law, not even the president of the United States.” The repetition is not coincidence. Democrats don’t really believe that though they repeat it often.

Another example

Take for example illegal immigration. These selfsame Democrats blatantly disregarding immigration law. They do so with no consequences. If you are an illegal alien in the United States Democrats give you special treatment. Your first time illegally in the country is a misdemeanor. An illegal reentry after removal is a felony. But Democrats don’t support the law as it applies to illegal aliens. They protect them. It is galling that at the same time they are berating law enforcement officials. The law enforcement officials are charged with enforcing the laws passed in our political process.

Democrat run sanctuary cities violate the rule of law. Every day sanctuary jurisdictions release criminals into our nation. They ignore the law when there is a “do not release” instruction from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Democrats want to eliminate our immigration enforcement agencies. For the left, illegal aliens are above the law. Democrats today respect America law as much as Slave owning Democrats from the 1850’s south did.

People examples

For Democrats, a politician from their own party such as Hillary is inviolate. Everyone knows she mis-handled classified information. We all know she was illegally storing classified information on a private server; oopsie. It is more than likely she or her subordinates, allies or accomplices are guilty of destroying evidence; oopsie. Nobody takes a hammer to their hard drives, oopsie. Use of BleachBit is not accidental oopsie. Then they use the FBI to BleachBit the felonies from the record; oopsie.

Joe Biden extorted the removal of a Ukrainian official. It just so happens he was investigating corruption which, it seems Biden’s son should have had knowledge. But that too is an oopsie because Uncle Joe is above the law. He’s a good doobie because he’s a faithful leftist. There are no consequences for the misdeeds of the faithful Leftist today.

When a former FBI director takes classified documents to his house; oopsie. When he leaks information in order to manipulate the start of a special investigation of the President; oopsie. Trump would be in the clear if his intention were to help the leftists and to undermine conservatives. But know this. A conservative doing the same would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


If you are a leftist in the fourth branch of government who is exposed as a liar and a perjurer don’t worry; oopsie. It is very likely you will get a commentator gig on CNN. Of course as a job requirement you will regularly blast the president and his supporters. And, if a Democrat tells a big enough lie, for long enough, like Joseph Goebbels said people will come to accept it. Right?

So you should expect to keep hearing, “No one is above the law.” And when you do, you can be sure leftists, especially their media henchmen, are continuing it. They will perpetuate the narrative; no matter how many times it is proven that they are holding to a double standard. Today America has a two-tier justice system. Know it, understand it. Protect yourself.