Syria: Trump's Pull Out Inspires Bi-Partisan Support in Favor of 'Endless Wars' - Granite Grok

Syria: Trump’s Pull Out Inspires Bi-Partisan Support in Favor of ‘Endless Wars’


So, we’re clear; I’m technically a hawk. I have no issue with decisive military action in defense of our interests or those of our allies. And once we commit, we should keep that promise. But I’m not a fan of this.

I don’t like vague missions with no definable objective. The endless wars the Left wants to claim they hate when it is politically expedient.

We should have a plan and objective, get in, get it done, and get out.

Real threats should be addressed. Iran’s nuclear program, coupled with promises to wipe nations off the earth, is an issue that will need to be addressed. Sanctions and isolation are better, but that may not stop the Mullahs.

And you can’t ignore the reality that in the Middle East, they respect the ability to project power.

But Syria has no real appeal for me. ISIS is down (no, not out.) And maybe they rise again. And then, we deal with it if we must. But hanging out for decades waiting for them to reconstitute is a waste of resources.

We’ve got other concerns.

Radical Islam, from ISIS to Hamas, to [insert name here] are committed to global jihad. That’s part of our day to day now. And as long as we can project power, we have no need for boots on the ground in hot spots around the globe.

So, Trump’s plan to pull the remaining troops out of Syria – which he promised to do late last year – is not a bad idea. It’s so good that there is a bi-partisan objection to it.

Always the sign that you may be on to something great.

And oh, by the way. Mr. Trump ran for office on getting us out of endless wars with no clear objectives or endpoints. Part of that was getting NATO to pay its own way. And getting the UN to carry more of its own weight. And finding opportunities in existing theaters where we were wasting time, taxpayer money, and lives for no discernable American Interest.

He is keeping another promise. Something politicians make easily but are loathe to keep; preferring instead to blame the system for their failure.

President Trump isn’t making excuses; he is taking decisive action.

The fact that the political class object should tell you that he’s probably right. Because if we’ve learned anything, their only interest is what helps the ruling class, not the people or families who pay for these engagements with their incomes, their family members, and their lives.