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Louisiana Getting Redder As Dems Wiped Out in Elections


Here’s a short but happy post for those on the right. Louisiana had elections on Saturday. It did not go well for Democrats.

In Louisiana’s Saturday election, Republicans had a lot to cheer about.  Among statewide office-holders, the incumbent GOP Lieutenant Governor (68 percent), Attorney General (66 percent), Treasurer (60 percent, and Agricultural Commissioner (58 percent) were all re-elected without the need for a run-off, under the state’s ‘jungle primary’-style system.  It also appears that the solid Republican majorities in both state legislative chambers will remain intact — with the GOP expanding its Senate advantage into super-majority territory by picking up a pair of Democratic seats.

The current Demcorat governor also appears poised to lose his seat in November. And locals are saying that Donald Trump’s visit to the state may have made all the difference.

That sort of momentum building has got to be putting Democrats in a cold sweat. 

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