Life will be Simpler Once we are Required to Call Each Other by the Genderless "pronoun" Comrade! - Granite Grok

Life will be Simpler Once we are Required to Call Each Other by the Genderless “pronoun” Comrade!

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Most of the so-called anti-discrimination laws forwarded and passed surrounding gender identity are little more than lawyer enrichment legislation. They discriminate against others so, tada! Lawsuits.

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Today’s example is not new. We covered the story last December.

The devout Christian explains that he can’t refer to a male as female or a female as male. Instead, he simply avoided the pronoun altogether. This, the student claims, made them uncomfortable.

So, using the wrong pronoun is unacceptable. And using no pronoun is unacceptable. Because it singles out the student. Makes them different. As if a girl suddenly deciding they are a boy (or vice versa) doesn’t make them different.

The district fired French Teacher Peter Vlaming for refusing to use a preferred pronoun. There was a bit of a fuss, a good deal of national media attention, and a student walk-out in support of Vlaming. But he was fired, and that was that.

The #Wokeasaurus brooks no dissenters.

But that, as they say, wasn’t “that.

In the suit filed Monday, Vlaming said he “sincerely believes that referring to a female as a male by using an objectively male pronoun is telling a lie.”

Before he was fired, he told his superiors at West Point High School that his religion prevented him from referring to the student using male pronouns.

It will be so much simpler when we are all required to call each other by the genderless “pronoun” comrade! Even little ole’ “Live Free or Die” New Hampshire is pushing us down this path.

We’ve got Human Rights and other (end the ideological) Diversity cabals. And laws on the books that infringe on girls Title IX rights and their right to privacy. Our lawyers must be ecstatic. 

Business is (or shall be) booming.

Nothing says you value other people’s rights or property like erecting legal standards based on an anti-discrimination law that discriminates against someone else. 

No, it’s not the citizen legislature of locals who are to blame. Well-paid professional political bodies in not-so-distant blue states were way ahead of us on this curveball. We just made the mistake of not showing up on election day to keep the local variety of Democrat weeds from taking over the statehouse lawn.

An infestation we are stuck with for another year which, if the proposed bills for the next session are any clue, will be no less ridiculous and oppressive as last year.

Veto Sununu, keep your red pens at the ready!

I wish Mr. Vlaming luck in his pursuit of justice. Forcing someone to use words goes beyond violating your religious conscious. It is the precursor to compelling speech on a much larger scale, and for that, we must not stand.

| Legal Insurrection