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Eric Ciaramella Whistleblower or an Attack Dog


Is Eric Ciaramella a whistleblower or an attack dog? The impeachment scenario now playing out in Washington is beyond the pale. The nation is beginning to see the ugliness. The people instigating and carrying out impeachment believe they have a right to rule the rest of us… whether we like it or not. At least we now know the name of the whistleblower; Right Mr. Eric Ciaramella? He was the former Obama NSC Director for Ukraine.

The process

We don’t get to even listen to what evidence there might be. The opposition party may not ask questions. The accused cannot have representation. The presumption is of guilt until proven innocent. Oh, by the way Ciaramella was the guy who headed Biden’s Ukraine team. And he is the one who invited Ms. Chalupa to the White House. Chalupa is the DNC employee digging dirt in the Ukraine.

The rule of law is dead if this kangaroo court is allowed impose its verdict on the nation. We are approaching a point of civil violence which will be initiated by illegal removal of a sitting president. There will be payback for what is going on. Here’s hoping it is with the ballot box not the cartridge box, but time will tell.

Secret testimonies, barring Republicans from calling their own witnesses, not allowing cross-examining the ones Democrats have subpoenaed, and now we have a judge shopped, federal judge’s ruling that secret grand jury records from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation must be turned over to House Democrats. Schiff hired two former associates of Ciaramella shortly before he turned whistleblower. Schiff’s staff coached the whistleblower. This is how the socialists fight.

Political damage control

Democrats criticized a decision by the DoJ to open a criminal investigation into the genesis of the Russian “collusion” with the 2016 Trump campaign. The Wall Street Journal responded with an editorial calling it “political damage control.” The WSJ observed:

  •  Democrats know that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS.
  • Fusion GPS job was to dig up dirt on Mr. Trump.
  • Fusion GPS hired former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele.
  • Steele wrote a dossier of allegations about Mr. Trump.
  • The sources were alleged to be from Russian sources.
  • The Mueller Investigation found that to be false.
  • After tens of millions of dollars and thousands of interview and millions of documents Mueller’s investigation found insufficient evidence to charge Trump with jay walking.
  • Fusion funneled the dossier to the FBI.
  • The FBI used it as factual evidence.
  • Their facts were used to persuade the FISA court to issue a warrant.
  • The warrant was for eavesdropping on Trump official Carter Page.

Democrats now want to discredit any attempt to hold people accountable if crimes were committed as part of this extraordinary dirty trick. Will the trail of the Russian collusion fraud lead back to Democrats and the Clinton campaign? We do not yet know. If it does will it will undermine the credibility of what Democrats are trying to do with Ukraine?

The whole truth matters

Does it have any bearing on Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian president? What does it have  to do with alleged demand for Ukraine’s help in digging up dirt on Joe Biden and his overpaid son, Hunter? Does commonsense tell us anything about this? One side is being transparent and the other secretive. The charge the president has repeatedly denied but he is being prevented from defending. Is Eric Ciaramella a whistleblower or an attack dog?

U.S. Attorney John Durham is heading a criminal probe. It appears the goal of the Democrats is to advance impeachment to a vote in the House before the Durham investigation concludes. Why is that? Why the hurry to move the process along? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the full House will vote Thursday to begin the public phase of the inquiry. This will include the establishment of rules and due process rights for the president.

Rush Limbaugh got to the heart of the matter:

“I think what Schiff and Pelosi and this entire so-called impeachment inquiry is really all about is derailing the Barr investigation. And I think that’s why they’re in such a hurry … they’re trying to convince the American people that Trump is guilty and should not be president before Barr and Durham and (Inspector General Michael) Horowitz have time to reveal anything. And there’s one downside to what happened here. We now have an official criminal investigation. That means that Durham and Barr can impanel a grand jury. And this is why the (former FBI Director Andrew) McCabes and the (former CIA Director John) Brennans and the (former Director of National Intelligence) James Clappers are running around today in a near panic.”

What is fairness and does it matter?

The unfairness of it all is what strikes many people. The American people should favor the full fair investigation. We need to know who is messing with our system of government. Based on what we know today probably most people oppose impeachment. A larger number oppose the president’s removal from office based on what is now known.

Those things seem the more salient within a year of the next presidential election. Elections are the ultimate opportunity to throw the bum out if that is what the people think should happen. Let the people decide.
President Trump’s seems to have truth on his side. The appearance of fairness is not with the opposition.

What Trump has done for the economy sits well with voters. Trump’s selection of judges has been well received. Voters are more than ready to have less judicial activism and more adherence to the principle of administering the law as written. The pro-life movement seems quite satisfied with Trump’s efforts on behalf of the unborn. These are winning issues. The socialists know it. Whether Eric Ciaramella is a whistleblower or an attack dog is important.