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Using Taxes to Control Diet


Using Taxes to Control Diet. Do you have a problem with that? Bernie is now suggesting a ‘Meat Tax’ to combat climate change. This nuttiness is getting personal. Nutty unaffordable programs are Democratic Socialist staples. But messing with dinner choices is making things serious.

Using taxes to control Diet

The Leftists are proposing, in all seriousness, that you cannot eat Chick-Fil-A. Ostensibly the company is homophobic. Frankly who gives a rat’s hat what the political proclivities of a restaurant owner are? All we care about is whether they make good food. Do they serve it hot and is the price reasonable? Chick-Fil-A does those things exceptionally well. Get your tax and regulatory mitts off a good restaurant chain.

Now, crazy Bernie the free stuff guy wants to keep us from eating burgers. Not sure about you but that really has me peeved. Taxing burgers isn’t appropriate use of luxury taxes. It looks like Bernie wants to keep the rest of us from enjoying nice juicy hamburgers as well as chicken.

Bernie the perennial government welfare recipient told a crowd of supporters he would be open to new taxes on food. He would because he doesn’t pay taxes. He’s a 1 percenter who gets his money from you and me. Now he thinks the government will be better at watching our weight than… well, Weight Watchers.

Who cares what Bernie eats?

Now probably nobody cares what Bernie eats. In fact, some likely wish he would choke in the effort. But wanting to take food out of people’s mouths for climate change is a bridge too far. This means war.

In Bernie world, because European nations allow their governments to control what the people can eat, it’s good enough for us to #starve too. Well reasoned Bern. European governments want their citizens to go hungry and that’s okay… as long as their people stand still for it.

How much does BHO believe? Tell me again…

But hey Bern, just because you believe as much as BHO professed to believe, in this climate change Armageddon stuff. That does not mean the rest of us should go over the cliff with the rest of you lemmings. Some people actually have different beliefs based on actual science.

And oh by the way, did you notice that BHO just bought a new House. He is so climate concerned he bought on Martha’s Vineyard. Yea, right, it’s an island… the house is on about 10 acres on the beach… it’s about 7,000 sqft but it’s really environmentally sensitive… right. A true commitment to belief in the schlock he sold for years. Do as I say not as I do. That’s the moral of that story.

Taxing Burgers for climate change… really?

Sanders said, “… if we believe as I do and you do that climate change is real we’re gonna have to tackle it in every single area including agriculture, okay? … And in fact, one of the things we want to do with our farmers out there is help them become more aggressive… And able to help us combat climate change rather than contribute to it. So we will certainly… you’re right we got to look at agriculture. We’ve got to look at every cause of the crisis that we face.”

Okay Bernie, you have one foot in the grave. Maybe you don’t have teeth enough to eat a burger. Maybe you want a life of porridge and gruel. That’s okay for you… if it is what you want. Go for it son. But leave my freaking burgers alone.


Just because you and AOC believe the world will end shortly does not mean you should make life miserable for the rest of us. Step off you senile old fart. Stay away from my burger or you may find out about its alternative uses. If we want a burger and have enough money to pay for the burger, that burger is goin’ down… MMmmm good. Right Homer?