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Socialist Unions Endorse Socialist Swamp Senator Jeanne Shaheen on Socialist Holiday

Jeanne shaheen

From the no one should be surprised by any of this category, the AFL-CIO had a Breakfast in Manchester, NH on Labor Day. At that breakfast, they endorsed Democrat Sitting Socialist Swamp Senator Shaheen for Senate.

Shaheen has no competition. There is no primary. The AFL-CIO, having long been infiltrated by the Democrat Socialists of America, did not have to commune with their Marxist gods long to come to a decision. The two-term ambassador to New Hampshire from the DC Swamp is their girl.

Unions expect us to thank them for all sorts of things, not the least of which is a three day holiday weekend to end the summer. But if that means punishing us with tax and spend politicians whose priority is how much money can we launder through DC agencies, I’ll pass. 

Shaheen, who couldn’t bring herself to vote against the mega trillion-dollar Green New Deal, is all in on socialist seizures of the economy. Health care would be better run from inside the beltway. Energy and transportation as well.

That’s the one-two-punch — complete federal control of your body and what you do with it along with the entire economy. Nothing runs without energy. And nothing will run if you let them get their hands on more of it than they already have.

Unions have diminished power in America. But thanks to Senators like Jeanne Shaheen who take and spend their money to stay in office, their priorities are over-represented. Especially in a state like New Hampshire, where nearly 90% of our “workers” are not in a union.

But you can’t make that Marxist omelet, without a few socialist breakfasts, and everyone else’s property. Shaheen is working on getting them the ingredients. She just needs another stint in DC to help them make it happen.

If you’d like to keep your doctor and your stuff, you might want to vote against her.