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Secretary of Defense Signs Off on Another 175 Miles of Border Wall

Build the Wall

The Trump Administration is working to disincentivize central American’s from paying drug cartels and human traffickers to try and break into America illegally. To that end, the Sec. of Defense has signed off on another 175 miles of border wall.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper has signed off on spending $3.6 billion in Defense Department construction funds for 175 miles of wall on the southern border with Mexico, Pentagon officials told Fox News on Tuesday.

Much of the new construction replaces existing or inferior devices with a long-term solution. Not as fancy, perhaps as the wall around liberal mansions, but based on the same function. The stuff on the other side is not free. It is not yours. And you need to ask permission to get inside.

Democrats, who want illegals pouring into the country so they can register them to vote are pissed. And not just about the wall coming between them and their plans but how we pay for it.

“Earlier today Defense Secretary Mark Esper notified me that the Department of Defense will reprogram $3.6 billion in funds appropriated for military construction and maintenance, including the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, in order to build the president’s misguided border wall,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said in a statement.

The left went with the usual tactic of finding a few lower court judges to block the transfers. But the US Supreme Court cleared 2.5 billion which has been put to good use.

The Democrats will not stop their wailing because it is an essential election strategy for them. Help them break the law, hide them from the law, in exchange for votes. All so Democrats can turn America in the place they supposedly had to escape to avoid “persecution.”

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