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More Fake News: Media’s Trump Resort in Scotland Story Involving the US Military is a Lie

Prestwick Scotland US C-17

Did you miss it? Another one of the ‘We have you now‘ Donald Trump! Media moments. There are several every week. This one involved the US Military and an airstrip near a Scottish resort owned by the President. Guess what? The Media Lied!

The goal was to convince America that the president used his formidable powers to enrich himself at the expense of taxpayers. For the record, there is no greater act of projection in the universe than Democrats accusing anyone else of this. Government exists to enrich them and their buddies at your expense.

They hate Trump and he must be like that too. To make this case (this time around) Rachel Madcow was the opening act for a weekend-long media-fiction performance.

“Now miraculously, now that Donald Trump is president, American military cargo planes have started refueling at that airport,” Maddow said, noting the military “spent $17 million on fuel [there] since October 2017,” even though “it would be cheaper to the military if that fuel had been purchased at a U.S. military base.”

“They’re stopping at the airport that Trump needs to prop up to keep his Scottish golf resort going,” Maddow declared.

What didn’t you hear (Rachel)? There are actual documents that are publicly available to anyone who might attempt to commit journalism.  

“…a public database shows the Air Force signed a contract for refuelings at Prestwick in 2016, before the Trump administration entered office. In addition, Air Force planes made many stops at Prestwick before President Trump. According to information provided by Air Force officials, planes stopped at Prestwick 95 times in 2015, 145 times in 2016, 180 times in 2017, 257 times in 2018, and 259 times through August 2019.”

Obama also “built the cages” for illegal immigrant children.

This refueling destination was added to the military map by the Obama administration. Why? Lower fuel prices. (Don’t tell anyone.)

Did Da’ Media mention any of that? Nope. What else did they leave out?

As to the hotel stay, the crew used their own per diem money and went through the proper USAF travel offices to secure the lowest cost room for the night. That just happened to be Turnberry. On the way back, another hotel was cheaper, so they stayed there, showing there was no intention to specifically stay at Trump’s property.


CNN lost a considerable chunk of its audience after years of collusion lies blew up in their collectivist faces.

MSNBC and the rest are hot on their heels. Why? Because of the constant, hyperbolic, biased coverage of this president and his party. And that’s a problem. He is not perfect nor are they. But the Left has gone so overbroad in exaggerating nonsense that any real scandal will become unbelievable.

It’s the modern media equivalent of the genderless person with a penis of pre-majority who cried, Canis Lupus.

They have become incapable of reporting news and reduced their appeal to that of a digital side-show tent. The journalism freak show. Which is precisely where they belong. And where, apparently, they intend to stay.

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