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Good Governance Requires Good Policy

Good Governance Requires Good Policy

To have good government we must have good governance which requires good policy. Is it just me or are Democrat candidates for the presidency getting worse? The Democrats are saying, we’re going to decriminalize crossing the border illegally. We’re going to take away health insurance from 160 million Americans. We’re going to give health care coverage to people who cross the border illegally. Those are their policy positions.

2020 Democrats Are ‘Getting Worse’ With Policy

Everything’s going to be free Bernie said it this past week. We’re going to forgive all medical debt. And these aren’t the fringe candidates. They are the leading candidates. Some people in this country can still add. Some understand that the USSR fell because it mismanaged its economy. Argentina fell because it mismanaged it economy. Venezuela fell because it mismanaged its economy.

MoveOn’s chief public affairs officer Karine Jean-Pierre cites recent polling. She says the polling shows five of the Democratic presidential candidates beating Trump. Ms. Jean-Pierre says Trump is sinking really, really badly… We are going to see how clear Mr. Soros crystal ball is and whether Americans have any commonsense.

“Look, I think what Democrats are trying to do is—it’s not about just beating Trump. You got to give people to—what are they going to inspire to? What is the vision of this country going to look like? And I think that’s what Democrats are trying to do… I agree about the socialist stuff. I think that we should not be labeling ourselves that way. That is problematic. I will agree with you on that.” Jean-Pierre said.


What 2020 holds it is still too early to tell. We know the economic policies of the current administration have reduced unemployment. What we know is that wage rates are rising again. We know the American economy is doing better than any other in the world.

Governance matters to government. Good governance requires good policy. When we have good policies Americans prosper. If we have bad policies, we struggle. We shall see whether rude people making good policy are preferable to nice people who cut our standard of living.