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Eddy County NM Sheriff: In the Wake of Mass Shootings, Be Prepared to Defend Yourself


Eddy County New Mexico Sheriff Mark Cage has some advice. In the event that violence breaks out, you may be the first line of defense for yourself and loved ones.”

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My advice is to be prepared at all times. Train and plan for bad things to happen. Even if you don’t carry, always have a plan for escape and defense. If you carry, please do so in a responsible, effective manner. Know and follow the four basic firearms rules, know your weapon and how to deploy it safely and effectively, and know your own limitations as well as the law.

He does still advise the standard “run, hide, fight” theory for non-law enforcement personnel.” They teach it in public schools, and for most folks, that’s a good rule to follow. But for those armed and trained, should you find your circumstances require action in defense of that retreat or of any sort, the Sheriff has advice for that as well.

None of the heroes who emerged in these tragic situations sought that role out; it was thrust upon them and they rose to the occasion. Are you prepared to defend yourself and/or others if the situation arises? Are you confident and well-trained in the weapon you carry (if you carry)? Please don’t put folks in worse danger by carrying and deploying a firearm you cannot operate safely and accurately. Know when to run and hide and know when to fight.

And when law enforcement arrives, “be aware that we may have no idea who the good guy is and who the bad guy is.”

Sheriff Cage is a strong advocate for the right to self-defense, but he is clear that you have a responsibility should you choose to carry.

Times have changed and they will continue to change. Avoiding victimization is your personal responsibility and how you choose to react to situations can have a very meaningful impact on the outcome for yourself and others.

New Hampshire has plenty of classes available for men, women, or both. Find them, take them, practice, and prepare. It’s up to you to be a responsible gun owner. So, be one.

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