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CNN’s Climate Town Hall “Audience” Was All Stake Holders and Climate Advocates

Donald Cat, CNN Vase

Climate fraud, and it is a fraud, has an added dimension thanks to the Climate News Network (CNN). Formerly the Collusion News Network. Well, that awful marathon Climate “townhall” they held wasn’t even that. A Townhall. The Audience was all stakeholders and climate activists. 

“CNN previously announced that the town hall audience will be drawn from Democratic and independent voters and stakeholders interested in the issue and no public tickets will be available.”

The Federalist has a list of folks and questions if you are so inclined. For those less likely to more thoroughly explore the fraud, there’s the punchline.

Imagine the large 2016 GOP presidential field had an energy town hall. And all the folks in the “audience” were gas or oil employees or had an interest as an advocate or lobbyist or other person connected to fossil fuels. And no one at the network or the event told you that.

You were left or lead to believe these were ordinary folk asking random questions regarding their concerns on the topic.

Not just planted questions but a planted audience.

The collectivist whine would be the cringe-worthy decibel equivalent of fingers on a chalkboard shattering glass. Or, worse?

It is one thing to include advocacy groups in a discussion, and it is something else entirely to give a radical organization airtime to quiz every single candidate in a presidential election. It is even more egregious when the activists’ associations are concealed from or misleadingly presented to the TV audience.

And they were. On CNN. Sold as a town hall.

And they get offended when you call them fake news.