What German Libs & US Dems Have In Common - Sacrifice the Poor to their Angry gods. - Granite Grok

What German Libs & US Dems Have In Common – Sacrifice the Poor to their Angry gods.

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Liberals everywhere use taxes and wages to punish the poor. Folks, who are more than capable of lifting themselves up with a bit of genuine encouragement. Instead, progressives pander to them for votes while making their lives more expensive.

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At every opportunity.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling Christian Democratic party (CDU) has supported plans to raise meat prices to fight climate change.

The meat tax, initially proposed by the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Green Party, will sharply increase the prices of meat products by raising the tax rate from the current rate of 7 percent to 19 percent.

Much like gas taxes, tobacco taxes, and price pressure on wages, job creation, and the cost of everything, the people least able to absorb those are low-income folks. In this instance, the Angry Sky god demands sacrifice and German Climate Cultists (like their American brethren) are happy to toss poor people on the alter. 

The lawmakers proposed using the additional funds raised by the tax increase to support animal welfare in the country at a time when the meat industry is coming under increased scrutiny for how it treats livestock.

How it treats livestock? Better than the left treats unborn human babies, I’d guess.

Notice there’s no interest in helping low-income Germans offset the cost of elitist schemes designed to alleviate a problem they created to seize control of the economy.


Because the political class in Germany is no different than that in any other nation. Their goal is not to create conditions where people are free to better themselves; it is to help better the government and those who run it. And the meat tax, if enforced, will not be long for its so-called purpose. It will be diverted to other needs as quickly as those in power feel they can manage it without too much notice.

Like funding the invasion of migrants who have made it impossible for women to go out at night, even in groups, and not just in Germany?


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