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Want to Help Save the Planet? Poop Every Other Day

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Pardon the ‘Offal’ title. But I could not ‘pass’ this one up. The President of Brazil dropped a bomb when the media asked him “how to balance protecting the planet with agricultural development.”

Oh, brilliant member of the elite political class. How can we help save the earth?

“It’s enough to eat a little less. You talk about environmental pollution. It’s enough to poop every other day. That will be better for the whole world,” he said.

No one will feel the least bit stressed or uptight about waiting every other day to bust a grumpy? 

Need to Build a log cabin. Stock the lake with brown trout. Sorry, deliveries no longer accepted from the rear but every other day. It’s the planet. We’re saving it.

They do this in communist countries where eating less is by design not an individual choice and everything else is swirling the bowl.

Actually, President Bolsonaro should hire Cheryl Crowe as his minister of paper products. Use only “two sheets” of toilet paper and poop every other day. We’re saving the planet. 

There is a job opening.  The poop comment was the result of questions stemming from a report that pointed to an increase in deforestation in the Amazon. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s first action was to dump the person in charge of the agency that issued the report. Putting him on the spot like that.

Can’t have A**holes like that exposing your backside. Building up the economy will only make more people need more toilet paper. Deforestation. Lots of pooping in thriving economic nations. It’s so much easier to access affordable food. Which leads to more, you know, doing number two.

If your still not sure what’s going on here, President Bolsonaro is framed as far-right. Brazil’s Donald Trump. The media doesn’t like him. And the Environment Minister he fired was an Environmentalist. Released the report to make him look bad. Probably needed to go.

If you take my meaning.

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