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Pro-Sanctuary Vermonter Calls Black Selectman a ‘Coon’ – No Outraged Media

Hartford VT selectboard -

A woman in the town of Hartford, Vermont wants sanctuary status for her plucky berg and if that means calling the Black select board member a coon then so be it. Media outrage?

Nope. And not because they didn’t know about it. Guy Page, who runs Vermont State House Headliners shares the details.

“…the local daily newspaper The Valley News reported the next morning on the racist name-calling of an elected official during a public hearing. VT Digger reprinted the Valley News story, with the headline “After heated debate, Hartford still fails to change undocumented immigrant policy.” Vermont Water Cooler included the story in its news wrap-up Friday, August 2. A Vermont Public Radio reporter attended the meeting. The station reportedly plans to air a story this week. A news crew sent by WPTZ left several hours after the meeting began.”

Plenty of Media, New and Old.

And you can get some finer points leading up to the outrage here, but this is the bit that matters. After hours of debating a proposed ordinance that would prohibit Hartford town PD from cooperating with federal agents about illegal aliens (Sanctuary!), someone in the audience lost it.

Chair Simon Dennis asked selectboard member Jameson Davis, a Vermont Law School student and sustainability advocate who was wearing a T-shirt bearing the names of prominent civil rights leaders such as Thurgood Marshall, if he wished to speak. Davis declined. This drew hoots and taunts. Then one unidentified woman who had previously been speaking in support of the ordinance can be heard to yell: “Jameson, every person on your shirt would be ashamed of you. Every single [f—–g] person on your shirt. You re a race traitor. You’re a coon. You’re spineless.”

That is not a national news story? Even if she’s a person of color? Who talks like that in a public meeting? At least one pro-Sanctuary Vermont woman, if we’re keeping score. Obviously, a registered Democrat or everyone would know her name.

I know, there’s a lot to digest in what passes for media this week. But this fits well within those conversations. This happened August 5th amidst yet another surge of concern about racism in America. Just not in Harford Vermont. Not when the speaker is likely very liberal.

And that’s not surprising.

The recent mass-murders are above-the-fold top of the hour stories (all hour every hour in some cases). All while hundreds of minorities are gunned down annually in gun-grabbing Meccas like (rat-infested™) Baltimore and Murderland Chicago. Urban Democrat plantations where minorities kill each other every weekend and on most weeknights. To the sound a left-wing cricket choir.

In places, with all the anti-gun laws a Democrat can imagine. The same ones that Democrats want to bring to your plucky berg.

So, yeah, it’s the same old story from the left and their media allies. Unless something advances their political agenda, it doesn’t matter. You don’t matter. But if ‘you’ ever figure that out, their hopes and dreams for a perpetual one-party tyranny are over.

The question is, will enough people figure that out before it is too late?

Jameson did finally speak. He moved to adjourn the meeting, and they did. The Sanctuary resolution remains unapproved.

| Vermont State House Headliners