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Dopey Wal-Mart Office Employees Plan Walk-Out Over Store’s Continued Sale of Firearms


Wal-Mart has been on a downward slope for years when it comes to firearms. And to be honest, I’d never buy one there. But think about it. The only thing that stops a shooter is the thing some Wal-Mart employee wants gone from the companies stores.


The walk-out was supposed to happen Wednesday ( today). Guess where? The California E-Commerce headquarters. A separate report suggested that offices in Portland and Brooklyn might participate

Bloomberg News has more.

Thomas Marshall, a 23-year-old category manager in Walmart’s San Bruno, California-based e-commerce business, asked employees to call in sick Tuesday, leave work early on Wednesday, and sign a petition that urges the company to stop selling firearms and ammunition in the wake of two shootings at the company’s stores in recent weeks.

Corporate suspended his access to company email and the Wal-Mart Slack account. The gun-grabber is pursuing legal counsel. 

Note to the liberal whiner. Wal-Mart isn’t the government. They can do whatever they want with the email and Slack account that they allow you to use. But hey, it’s almost 2020. You can probably find a lawyer (Michael Avenatti’s not in jail yet) and a judge who might be sympathetic. But I digress.

The point is this. Shooters keep shooting until someone shoots back. At that point, they either deal with that or get shot. While they are doing either, potential victims get further away from the criminal’s line of fire while other armed “good-guys” get closer.  

But in typical liberal fashion, your answer to some criminal ne’er-do-well’s presumption of superior force is to ensure they have it. Brilliant. 

Maybe he’ll get the Liberals Idiot of the year award. That’ll be a tough award to snag. There are millions of potential candidates. Many of them are in elected office and impersonating journalists.

But a Wal-Mart office worker in San Bruno California, yes, the city where the YouTube shooter you probably never heard about shot three people (before killing herself) thinks fewer firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens is the answer.

“There’s an intense irony that Walmart continues to sell guns despite the constant shootings in its stores,” said Kate Kesner, a California employee leading the walkout, according to WaPo.

The Daily Caller adds that two people participated in the walkout “nationwide.” Kesner, and Marshall.

Hey, you could still sign the petition.