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New Age Feminism-ism: Air Conditioning is Sexist

Amazing Air Conditioning

It was only a few years ago that John Kerry was telling us how Air conditioning was a bigger threat than ISIS. No thanks to him, ISIS are a shell of their former self and air conditioning is, according to Atlantic Magazine Staff Writer Taylor Lorenz…sexist.

Comfortable rooms on hot summer days are weapons of the patriarchy.

Taylor is ranting in reference to a slightly more balanced bit of conjecture in a Times article by Penelope Green. Mary Chastain at Legal Insurrection explains that “Green noted in her article a study performed by that stated “how building temperatures, once set to the comfort preferences of 1960s-era men in suits, disregard the ‘thermal comfort’ of female staffers.”

Well, there you have it. Or do you?

It turns out gender is less a predictor of thermal comfort than other factors, like age, activity level or, tellingly, the relative wealth of the society surveyed, according to studies conducted by researchers at the Center for the Built Environment at the University of California, Berkeley.

Having had the ‘pleasure’ I can tell you that staying out of the heat also comes with significantly better health outcomes for several conditions of which Coronary Artery Disease is but one. And that works for hearts regardless of which set of sex parts happen to be connected to that blood supply or how long it has been walking around on the face of the earth.

Nothing sexist about that. And with all that global warming, we’ll need all the AC we can get, John Kerry’s bizarre choice of evils aside.

Air Conditioning is awesome.

Significant productive portions of our country and economy have enriched men and women alike in places that are only tolerable thanks to Air Conditioning. Sure, our ancestors did without it but they died younger and of more things than Mz Lorenz can name whose cures might best be stored at “room temperatures” below 80 degrees.

I like my car AC cold enough to store milk, my house, closer to 75. Humidity is the slow killer if you ask me. As for Taylor and those buildings you know will be cold (Movie Theaters too), Mary says to bring a sweater. She also says that “It’s getting old and frustrating seeing women scream SEXISM whenever they encounter criticism or something that makes them uncomfortable.”

She’s right. Stop it. You’re devaluing actual sexism which, if we’re being honest, most modern feminists only wield as a political cudgel. They use it to advance a partisan agenda while ignoring sexism in their own ranks (with this brief inconvenient intermission in the narrative for the #MeToo thing). Outside of that child sex-trafficking, prostitution, and Bill Clinton continue to prosper unaffected, and quite often openly endorsed.

Air conditioning isn’t the least bit responsible for any of that, Leftist’s and their policies are most to blame.

| Legal Insurrection