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Ann Kuster Visits Southern Border – Too Busy to Actually Help Immigrants

Ann Kuster

Ann Kuster went to McAllen Texas this weekend. Part of a dog and pony border insecurity show. But when she had the opportunity to do something useful, she begged off.

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Florida Democrat Congresswoman Jacki Speier spear-headed the excursion, for the stated purpose of,

“…returning to the site of their investigation last summer into the conditions and treatment of migrants at several Department of Homeland Security facilities. The Members will be briefed by detention center staff and speak to children and parents at those locations as well as two nonprofit centers before crossing over the border at Gateway International Bridge in Brownsville to provide food and other items to migrant families attempting to apply for asylum in the United States.

Ann Kuster is on the “guest” list. Which brings me to the point. 

Abby Johnson was down there as well trying to get members of Congress to do something useful. She asked them to help stock a Respite Center Warehouse on the US side of the border. Donated diapers, water, formula. Things for illegal Alien moms with children. They were there. It’s on the itinerary.

No time for that. Not a one. Democrats had a photo-op bridge crossing on the schedule. Look! I’m here at the Border. Doing things. Members of Congress, and staff, a few yeah, we’ll get back to you, but no one did.

Time               Event

8:15 am          Arrive at McAllen Border Patrol Station and Centralized Processing Center

                        3000 W Military Highway, McAllen, TX 78503

10:30 am         Arrive at Catholic Charities Humanitarian Respite Center, 111 S 15th St.

                          McAllen, TX 78501

12:00 pm         Press conference outside of Catholic Charities Humanitarian Respite Center

2:00 pm           Arrive at Brownsville Port of Entry and Gateway International Bridge

                          1500 W University Blvd, Brownsville, TX 78520

3:45 pm           Arrive at second nonprofit center serving migrants Brownsville, TX

6:00 pm           Photo opportunity with Members as they cross Gateway International Bridge


Make note of that last item (emphasis mine). Busy day. No time to help. Must make sure to get to that photo-op. Which is less than a fraction of a percentage as valuable for those whining about so-called border injustice than being pictured making sure new moms or their babies who find themselves in our company have necessary supplies.

I know. There’s probably a taxpayer-backed allocation they can run through the bureaucracy for that sort of thingy. When they’re not too busy trashing ICE and advocating for illegal activity. Oh, and posing for meaningless photographs at the border.

Note: Speier is one of the members of Congress who employed the Awan Brothers.

Update: added tweet form Abby Johnson.