Troops Have Been Putting Paint on Southern Border Fence - Granite Grok

Troops Have Been Putting Paint on Southern Border Fence

Paint the fence

The Department of Homeland Security, Northern Command has asked military personnel assigned in support roles to Border and Customs Control agents to “Paint the Fence.”

If you’ve got the manpower.

About 2,100 active-duty Marines and Army troops are on the border, along with an additional 1,900 National Guard members sent there by governors around the country. They are part of an aggressive use of Pentagon resources by Trump to secure the border, including his declaration of a national emergency that freed up billions of Defense Department dollars to build his long-promised wall.

The troops have been performing tasks such as installing concertina wire, providing logistical and helicopter support to Customs and Border Protection agents and monitoring motion cameras for signs of activity on the border. They cannot detain migrants or have much direct contact with them. If they encounter immigrants, they typically direct them to the nearest Border Patrol agent.

Apparently, they’ve got a few folks with some time to allocate and this border wall refresh comes with beneficial side-effects. The new coat of paint makes the barrier more slippery. It’s harder to climb. Sections that have been painted bright white (racist!) make it more difficult for illegal aliens to hide along the border fence. They stand out better against the contrasting colors.

That sounds like it is meant to catch the people being sneaky like the drug couriers, terrorists, gang members, and human traffickers. The folks not being sneaky walk up to the first American they can find to turn themselves over. They are here for the promise of free stuff.

That includes taxpayer-funded health care for all illegal aliens. At least that’s what the Democrat candidates for President have planned. Free health care for anyone who breaks in uninvited. We’ll call that “spending money Americans don’t know what to do with,” except you do know. 

But will you vote to keep it that way?