HS Girl Who Missed Sports Scholarship Chance to Trans-Competitors Files Complaint with Feds - Granite Grok

HS Girl Who Missed Sports Scholarship Chance to Trans-Competitors Files Complaint with Feds

Selina Soule

A Connecticut High School track star was poised to get a shot at a college scholarship until the #WokeingDead allowed boys to compete against her. Instead of placing sixth, which would have put her talent in front of college scouts, she placed eighth. A pair of boys playing at being girls took first and second place.

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Selina Soule says no one in her home state would listen so with the help of Alliance Defending Freedom she has filed a complaint with the US Department of Education’s Civil Rights Division. On what grounds? Connecticut has turned Title IX on its head.

We know Title IX was designed to ensure that women were free of sex discrimination in education and, secondly, in athletics so that they could have the opportunity to compete, to move to the next level, to compete for scholarships, and potentially even launch their own athletic careers.

But what the Athletic Association in Connecticut has done by allowing biological males to compete in Selina’s female track tournaments is actually completely undermine and violate Title IX.

It’s all part of giving boys a princess complex and upending the culture. A higher priority to the Democrats than ensuring biological girls enjoy the opportunities they claim to defend. It also fits nicely with the destruction of girls and morality.

In the interview at the link,

Bolar and co-host Beverly Hallberg of District Media Group talk about Teen Vogue promoting prostitution to teenage girls, CNN labeling first lady Melania Trump a “Woman of Mystery,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., admitting Republicans were probably right about allegations against Bill Clinton, and women saying they prefer “Dad bods” over perfectly toned six-packs.

The Left’s war on our culture comes with a lot of collateral damage, including anyone the left claims to defend. Of, course, we know that is a lie in service to the larger goal. After all, Nancy Pelosi did tell us that, “If there is collateral damage to Americans who don’t share our views, so be it.”

She didn’t say Republicans; she said Americans. Which confirms what I have log posited here. That the agenda comes before everything, including your nationality, status, gender, age, or any other self-segregating identity politics label. 

They are using you to get what they want and what they want is not good for any of us.

The Daily Signal put together a short documentary-style piece on Selina and the issue. It’s worth a few minutes of your time.